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A Day in the Life of a Charli Cohen Fashion Model

If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram, you won’t have been able to miss the fact that I walked for Charli Cohen at London Fashion Week yesterday. I apologise for the amount of photos and tweeting, we’re all still buzzing from it so much!

My talented friend Charli Cohen chose to show her new Akari collection on a runway this year, rather than the presentations she has done in previous years. This meant she needed models…. but models who live and breathe the happy, healthy lifestyle. I put my hand up straight away and so began my little dream of being a catwalk model for the day…

Bitch Face Practice

I got up bright eyed and bushy tailed on Sunday morning, hopped on the train and made my way to the show venue, the beautiful ME Hotel on the Strand. From the moment I set foot in the door, the adrenalin started rushing as we all practised our military-esque walk and what we called our “Bitch Face” – harsh, aggressive, but cool! When doing something like this for the first time ever, it’s important to be around supportive people and the amazing group of ladies that I strutted down the catwalk with were exactly that.

After about 45mins of practice, people started rushing around saying we had 30 minutes to get ready before it was time for hair and make-up. It was all getting rather exciting!

charli cohen cat meffan carly rowena

I love Carly really!

Feed Me

Once in our dressing room, all of us instantly walked straight over to the bags from chic Battersea cafe, The Social Pantry to see what goodies they’d prepared for us. Whoever said models don’t eat was wrong, fitness models most definitely do. Zanna can 100% vouch for me throwing that blueberry muffin full on into my face and demolishing it! A girl needs her fuel if she’s to walk with aggression you know! 😉

Not only did we have food and juice from the Social Pantry, there were also cartons of coconut milk and almond milk from Alpro scattered around the room. Needless to say that none of us went hungry or thirsty. I did however make sure that I ate my muffin about 2 hours before the show, to make sure I didn’t feel or look bloated.

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Becoming Charli’s Angels

Outfit on, muffin demolished, it was time to turn into a warrior with big hair and black eyes! This was the most strange experience for the day for me, as I’m so not used to being fussed over and being made to look catwalk-worthy. The hair & make-up team were amazing; back-combing, pinning, gelling, painting, prodding and just generally beautifying until they had the finished results they were after.

I think it was just us newbies not used to how things work at London Fashion Week who were stressing about time; I kept saying to my make-up artist “do you think you’ll be done in 10 minutes, as I really need to pee before the show starts”! But rest assured I was ready with time to spare… aka time to take photos! The photo below on the right was post-show with Carly and I attempting to get the paint off our eyes!

FullSizeRender_1 IMG_4985










Show Time

News of a big queue outside the door and so much love for Charli meant that the show was running late, as everyone needed to get seated or find a spot to squeeze in and stand. Once that was sorted, the lovely Holly from the ME Hotel walked us around the back, ready for the show to begin.

My heart was pounding! So much so, I’m sure it was audible. As soon as the Fight Club rules film speech started playing I had to take some seriously deep breaths. All I kept thinking was that I have to do this perfectly for Charli. I tuned into ‘Bitch Mode’, nodded to my amazing partner Carly and waited for our cue.

charli cohen

The Adrenalin Take-Over

I can’t actually really remember what happened on the catwalk, as I was so in the zone. Obviously we came off the runway asking each other if we were too fast, too slow, on time etc, but Charli was watching and assured us that we all looked amazing and did the walk routine exactly as rehearsed. PHEW!

It was amazing, I think I’m still buzzing from it now. The reaction from the crowd was incredicle and so well deserved for Charli who has created a collection that we all want to house in our workout wardrobe!

charli cohen

charli cohen

I feel so honoured that Charli chose us to walk for her and I’m so grateful to have done it alongside such inspirational, beautiful and fun ladies. I’ve linked to all of the girls’ blogs or Instagram below:

Carly Rowena

Zanna Van Dijk

Lottie Murphy

Hazel Wallace

Tashi Skervin

Lucy Denver

Louisa Drake


Ida May

Megan Jupp

Oh and to top it all off, the show was featured on!

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 14.37.41


So that’s that, my day as a fashion model. I loved every second of it and that was definitely due to being surrounded by awesome people.

Which is your favourite outfit from the collection? You can purchase Charli’s new collection already via The Edit app. Happy Shopping!

Photography: Spindle Magazine

Photography: Spindle Magazine

Photography: Spindle Magazine

Photography: Spindle Magazine

Love, Cat x