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If only I could have breakfast at Grace Belgravia everyday

Some of you will have noticed an influx of food delivery services over the last few months including the likes of Pure Package (which I’ll be trialling for a day this week) , The Detox Kitchen (who are, as of this week, stocking Qnola!) and now Grace Belgravia. Grace excels in running a luxury, women-only, private members club equipped with everything you could need – a small, but perfectly built fitness centre, beauty & spa area, restaurant and medical centre.

I went for breakfast a couple of weeks ago at Grace to try out the healthy breakfast menu and for those of you who follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen the tantalising photo I put up of my Buckwheat pancakes with the most perfectly scrambled eggs and avocado. This, along with a green juice, was such a great way to start the day.

Delicious breakfast!

Delicious breakfast!

... and a juice to go with it obviously.

… and a juice to go with it obviously.

Pandora's quinoa porridge with blueberries & almonds looked pretty tasty too.

Pandora’s quinoa porridge with blueberries & almonds looked pretty tasty too.


Grace has just launched Grace Deli’Very – their very own take on the healthy food home delivery service. The menu has been carefully devised by the expert team of nutritionists, environmental specialists, GP’s and supreme chef duo, Sophie Wright and Keith Kellier, and is available now to order via their website.

Hey Good Looking!

Hey Good Looking!

Here’s a little breakdown of the six menus on offer…

Wellbeing: Places emphasis on the provision of proteins, in particular amino acids, otherwise known as the building blocks of life. This Programme aims to boost overall cellular function throughout the body, thereby leaving you feeling fit and healthy.

Vegan: Provides the opportunity to eat a balanced vegan diet and is designed to ease digestive imbalance, thereby encouraging a gentle cleanse of the digestive system.

Cleanse: Free of gluten, dairy and refined sugar, elements of the everyday Western Diet that a large proportion of people find hard to digest, whilst portion sizes are reduced. The programme is perfect for those who want to give the digestive system a break through a gentle cleanse of the system.

Fitness: A functional menu that provides adequate protein to support and enhance your training regime.

Functional Health: Combines highly nutritious and easily digestible foods to give a boost to overall health and wellbeing. High in probiotics, the programme will support the colonies of good bacteria in your gut as well as increasing energy levels and overall feeling of wellness.

Soup and Juice: Also available for vegans, this programme is designed to give the digestive system a real rest and is perfect for those who are looking for a gentle cleanse of the system.  All of the juices are organic and cold pressed to retain maximum nutrient content possible, whilst the soups are crammed with ingredients that will aid and support the physiological cleansing process.


I can’t vouch for the delivery packages, as I haven’t tried them, but having breakfast at Grace and knowing Keith (head chef) personally, I can definitely say that he’s mega talented on the food front, so I recommend giving Grace Deli’Very a try.

The packages start at £42.50 per day and they only deliver to certain postcodes in London.

Eat well and be kind to your body. x