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A little poem I wrote about my new found love for Qnola



Oh Qnola I love thee so,

You’re kind to my tummy and help my healthiness grow,

Packed with nutrients and so tasty too,

I’m an orange & cacao addict and so is Sue. (Ok, so I don’t know anyone called Sue, but I’m sure there is a Sue out there who has tried Qnola and loves it!)

Mixed with some coyo you’re pretty damn great,

I want another portion, not sure I can wait,

I’ll be putting my next order in very soon,

I suggest others do too, goodbye to the Special K goon! 


My breakfast this morning: Orange & Cacao Qnola with natural coyo and blueberries. YUM!

My breakfast this morning: Orange & Cacao Qnola with natural coyo and blueberries. YUM!


On further inspection I have found out that the mother to the brains behind Qnola is called Sue! CHECK THAT OUT.

Right, that’s enough primary-school- level-poetry for one day. Let’s get down to Qnola business.

If you don’t follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you might not have a clue what I’m talking about, but I can tell you now, this is the healthy version of granola that you NEED to know about.

The brains (and extreme beauty) behind the brand is model and certified nutritionist Danielle Copperman, who is dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle and inspiring others to do so. Danielle didn’t like seeing so many people waking up in the morning and filling a bowl full of cereals like ‘Special K’ (aka a bowl full of sugar). So what do you do when you notice a problem? You make a solution, which is exactly what Danielle has done.


Danielle Copperman, mega babe & certified nutritionist!


Qnola is a quinoa granola slow roasted in coconut oil mixed with ingredients such as chia seeds, agave nectar, cinnamon, cashew nuts, sunflower seeds and more. The current flavours available are Original, Ginger & Goji and Cacao & Cashew, but Imperfect Matter was lucky enough to have a bespoke flavour made too. I opted for orange & cacao and I’m devastated to say that I’ve eaten it all and my pot is empty! It was just SO good. Still, at least I’ve got another three flavours to finish.

Qnola is grain free, gluten free and free of refined sugar – it’s high in protein and contains a perfect balance of all nine amino acids. Due to Qnola also being high in fibre, iron and antioxidants it will aid digestion and help elevate your mood – here’s looking at you grumpy morning people! 😉

So far I’ve had mine with coyo yoghurt and berries, which is perfect for breakfast… well, it’s perfect for any time of the day really. The Qnola is tastier than I imagined it would be – I know that sounds a bit soppy, but it’s true. Even though I eat healthily most of the time  (we’re all allowed a treat every now and again!), it still amazes me when something this healthy can be so tasty. With reports coming out recently, FINALLY getting the message out there to the masses that refined sugar is the enemy, this couldn’t be better timing for a product like this to be emerging. Watch this space, as I expect BIG things from Qnola.

photo 3

Imperfect Matter’s Qnola delivery.


If you’d like to order your own pot of Qnola (and I massively recommend that you do), then get in touch with Danielle at [email protected] – and if you’re extra, extra nice she might even make you a bespoke flavour! At the moment she’s only taking on a few pre-launch orders, but sign up to the Qnola website to make sure you’re first to hear about the official launch.

qnola 2

Forget the fry up, THIS is the breakfast of champions!


Danielle’s a busy bee with the demand for her healthy Qnola. I love the labels!


As I’m technically reviewing Qnola, it’s totally OK for me to be on my second portion of the day already, right?! The numerous tastes you get with every mouthful has made me come to the conclusion that after only three days of having Qnola in my life, I confess, I’m an addict.

Make sure you’re following Danielle on Instagram for cool photos of cooking and healthy eating and if you’re ever stuck for something to cook, head over to her blog, ModelMangeTout for some yummy inspiration!

Enjoy! x


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