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This blog post contains a paid for advertorial for G Adventures. All views are my own. 

It could be assumed that a hiking holiday is just a holiday in which you do a few easy walks and a lot of chilling out, but as those of you who have been following along with my social channels will know, when I go on an amazing hiking holiday, I tend to squeeze in as many long and tough walks as possible!

The beautiful thing about hiking is that it’s for EVERYONE. No matter your fitness level, shape, size etc, you can find hikes that will best suit your ability. In case you missed my last blog post featuring a pretty epic competition to win the same trip I’m about to go on, then make sure you click here to find out more.

Since I’ve know about my amazing hiking holiday to hike the Camino de Santiago with G Adventures, I’ve changed up my fitness routine a little, just to make sure that I’m feeling fit enough come adventure time. Timing wise, things worked out pretty well for me, as I’ve just got back from an amazing hiking holiday with my family in Switzerland where I was able to get in a lot of training, but aside form that there have been other changes too…

Just remember when planning a hiking adventure that just because you’re walking, it doesn’t mean it’ll be easy. Make sure you check the routes, inclines and declines before you go and train as necessary. Oh and don’t be fooled into thinking that hiking downhill is easy… for me it’s harder than going up hill, it being the time that I seriously need to make sure my core and glutes are activated in order to protect my knees and spine.

Don’t forget to enter the competition to win your very own Camino de Santiago experience with G Adventures. So excited for this amazing hiking holiday to begin! Head to the blog post now.

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Adios for now! Love, Cat x