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Yoga teacher training thailand

Yoga teacher training thailand

Just a little blog post from me today with some exciting news – I’m getting ready for a yoga teacher training Thailand experience!

On September 8th, I’ll be hopping on a plane and heading to Thailand for seven weeks, six weeks of which will be spent doing my advanced teacher training course! As the day of my flight gets closer and closer, the nerves seem to be drifting away and I’m feeling very excited about it all.

After completing my 200hrs yoga teacher training course in London, I was left with a thirst for more knowledge and this thirst has only increased with all of the teaching I’ve been doing and the yoga tutorials on my YouTube channel. I want to be able to offer you all so much more, which is why I want to continue to learn and I feel that this is the perfect yoga teacher training. I also want to challenge my body – 6 weeks of intensive yoga, no resistance training in the gym and probably no running (although I’m going to try running along the beach a few times). It’ll be interesting to see how my mind and body change over that period of time.

Based on recommendations from many people I’m going to be doing my 300 hrs course with The Yoga People, hosted in Koh Samui by All Yoga Thailand. Where I’m staying looks so amazing, so I’m excited to share my journey with you all.

I’ll still be bringing you lots of awesome content while I’m away, so do not fear. If you have any questions about the course do let me know as I’ll be writing all about it when I’m home, so will find out anything you want to know.

Love, Cat x