Cat Meffan

My Foundations For Weight Loss Results & Body Confidence

It may be rainy and dull outside in the UK and it was only snowing a week ago, but for many of us our minds are now thinking about the spring & summer months ahead and trying to focus on how we can get weight loss results and that body confidence for our holidays or just for those sunny London days.

Here are my top tips for weight loss results or for those of you just looking to find that body confidence.


I’ve put this as my first tip because I think it’s so important to have goals that aren’t just all about how you look in the mirror or a number on the scales. Even if your main goal is to lose weight, to get a pert bottom or to get abs, take a moment to step aside from that goal and set a skill based goal.

For example, even while I have an aim of building my glutes, I see that more as a vanity goal, so to make my workouts more fun I’m also working on my press to handstand, which is something I can really see progress with and it’s a little trick I can show off at parties… not that I ever go to parties! I’m not saying you all need to learn to handstand, but maybe you could have the goal of a certain number of pulls ups, or something flexibility based, like learning the splits – it just so happens I have a video tutorial for the latter right here!

– PLAN –

I say this to people so often when they ask about fitness motivation and it’s even more key when you’re working towards a goal. Remember that when you’re setting this goal that being realistic does you much better than setting an out of reach goal and one that you may end up getting bored of and stop working on after a while if you don’t see results soon enough.

In terms of planning your workouts, plans them as you would your social life, writing them in your diary, or plotting them into my free fitness plan that you can download here.

weight loss results

Your diet will be a huge part of any weight loss goal, so plan your meals at the beginning of the week, try and prep your meals and allow yourself a little treat. This treat may only be once a week and very small to begin with, but personally I think it’s important not to deprive the mind and body of a bit of chocolate or a delicious pudding once in a while.


Another very important factor when planning any weight loss or muscle building related fitness goals is to remember that ultimately it’s about how you feel, not how you look. Your weight is nothing but a number on the scales, but how you feel in that bikini is what’s going to propel your confidence.


There are so many ways to track your weight loss, the obvious one being to weigh yourself, but I think it’s even more amazing to see the progress you’ve made in photos. Be sure to take some before photos that you can look back on and see how far you’ve come. Maybe take progress photos every week, so that you can see your journey at each stage.


What’s the point in all of the above if the whole time you’re unhappy? There is no point. I know I rave on about this point all the time, but I TRULY believe that if you enjoy what you’re doing you’ll get so many more benefits out of it. Like I mentioned in the ‘Plan’ point, having a treat can be just what you need to actually help keep you on track with your weight loss goals, rather than trying to cut out all of the things you enjoy, getting down about it and then just quitting your goal all together.

In the same sense, you need to enjoy the exercise you’re doing. I’ve learned to enjoy running over a long period of time, whereas anything dance/yoga/gymnastics related I’ve always loved. If your mentor or PT is saying you need to be doing exercises that you really don’t enjoy, then just make sure you’re mixing said workouts up with activities you love.


There you have it, my thoughts and feelings about weight loss. On a final note, I know this is tough to achieve, but happiness really does come from within and it’s about acceptance & being kind to yourself. When you find that, then you’ll find that losing weight will come second to making sure your mind and spirit is happy & healthy.

Love, Cat x