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Top 5 Health & Fitness Travel Essentials

I’m packed and ready to head off to Ibiza! Currently sitting in our airport hotel, I’m wishing the hours away, so I can be on that beautiful island. Just get me to the warm weather and blue sea… although there is some rain forecast in the week – boo!

Whilst packing, I got thinking about my go-to items I pack for holiday. Aside from the obvious toothbrush, bikini, underwear list, these are the health and fitness bits that come along for the ride. A lot of people like to go on holiday and use it as a full on relaxation week, as I do, but I also know that I feel so much better when I’ve kept to a few things in my health and fitness regime… especially as I’ll be eating so much ice cream! 😉

1. Trainers & Socks

Yes, I know, hot holidays are meant for sandals and flip flips, but you never know when you might fancy an early morning run or workout. You’re on holiday, so there’s no pressure, but it’s nice to know you have the option. On an island like Ibiza, I think we’ll be doing quite a bit of hiking to scope out the amazing countryside and coast, so I’ve brought along my Nike Pegasus trainers.

2. Resistance Bands

My suitcase might be a bit heavy and full if I tried to take half of my fitness equipment, but resistance bands are the perfect on-the-go training tool. Those small strips of elasticated rubber take up hardly any room at all, they weigh next to nothing, and they’ll make my weightless squats by the pool a whole lot harder! If you haven’t used them before, there are numerous videos and features online showing exercises you can do, just be sure to check them out before you leave your 3G behind!

fitness travel essentials

3. Packable Yoga Mat

You might be looking at your yoga mat right now, thinking “No Cat, that’s not going to get in my suitcase”, but do not fear, there is such a thing as a travel yoga mat. It’s light and it has been designed to be folded, not rolled. Having a yoga mat with you doesn’t mean that yoga is a must, it’s great to do your stretching on after a morning beach run or even a few abs exercises in between those resistance band squats! Manduka do an eKo SuperLite Travel Mat available here.

4. Foam Roller

If you saw the size of my foam roller next to me right now, you’d think I was a bit crazy. It’s the one I got from the physic years ago and it’s HUGE. Thankfully I have a smaller one, tucked up in my suitcase ready for a little holiday. If like me you plan on keeping fit while you’re away, then invest in one of these to help massage and stretch your muscles. The last thing you want on holiday is being in agony with DOMS, not being able to play around on the beach!


Buy The Grid Mini Foam Roller here.

5. Coconut Oil

I rave about coconut oil a lot, I know. Apologies if you already know how much I love it! I use it as a moisturiser, and being on holiday changes nothing, as it’s perfect for rehydrating your skin after a day in the sunshine. Along with that, it’s great to put on the ends of your hair after a day at the beach too. We all love that salty, wavy beach hair look, but after having to tug the knots out for an hour afterwards, the coconut oil will again help hydrate your locks, making them fresh again for the next day.


So there you have it – my top 5 health and fitness travel essentials. Now, I better get to bed, as I’ve got to be up at 5am for our flight.

Happy Holidays! x



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