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My Favourite Yoga Postures With PureLime & QVC

I recently taught a soothing flow yoga class on the rooftop of the beautiful Ham Yard Hotel in London, to celebrate the new PureLime activewear collection, now stocked on QVC. So many of you saw my snapchat from the morning and were asking where my outfit was from, so now I can finally share it with you! To go alongside the launch, I wanted to share some of my favourite postures with you. Calling them my favourites might be a bit much, as I love sooooo many asanas and even the ones I don’t like have many benefits, but these are a few that keep finding their way into my sequence and here’s why.

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Reverse Warrior

As with all of the warrior (virabhadrasana) poses, this variation makes me feel strong and fearless. With the wide leg stance, both feet totally grounded and an open heart, reverse warrior can be very uplifting and energising. If I’m having a bit of a sluggish day and need to get my head in the zone, this will definitely find it’s way into my practice.

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Marichyasana C

I love a good twist and this one feels so good. Twisting postures can be a great way to wring-out the digestive system, to help any issues you might be having, especially with bloating. Just be sure to inhale and lift the torso and chest before tasking the twist, this way your body will be twisting in the lower torso area, rather than just at the shoulders. If taking the elbow over the knee feels uncomfortable, then just give that knee a hug to help you get the twisting motion.

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I’m totally one for loving an inversion, so there’s always space in my practice for a headstand. I might prance around in handstand and pincha, but if I really want to get a strong, grounding feeling in my inversion then I’ll take headstand for around 15-20 breaths. If you feel good up there, maybe try a little leg variation like I am here.



This one might look simple, but isn’t as easy as it looks. Tree pose (Vriksasana) needs a strong standing leg, your foot rooted into the mat and a strong core. To challenge myself a little more I’ll take a side stretch towards the bent leg or even try closing the eyes… you might notice your tree swaying in the wind quite a bit!


So there you have it, a few staples in my yoga sequences at the moment.

I’m loving these stripy leggings and grey top from the PureLime collection, now stocked on QVC – not only is the top seamless and therefore super comfortable and soft to wear, but the leggings are long enough for either tall people or for someone like me who likes to tuck them under my heels! Sometimes my heels just like to feel warm and cosy like the rest of my body!

Created in 1995 in Copenhagen, PureLime offers comfortable, feminine, supportive and breathable clothing with style. It’s the perfect blend of fashion and functionality. Price range is approx. £26-£65.

This is the outfit I wore to teach and shared on my Snapchat, which you can now shop here.


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*This post is in collaboration with QVC.