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Press ups ARE for girls

About a month after downloading the ‘100 pushups’ app, I’ve finally opened it and am about a week into my quest for 100 pushups in one go. I’m only in the early stages, but it’s going well so far. I need to point out that I could only just about manage one press up 6 weeks ago and by doing a few a week I now feel I’m in a position to push myself using this app.

Girls sometimes assume that they can only manage a press up when doing ‘girl press ups’ (knees on the floor) or that by doing a few press ups they’ll wake up looking like Jodie Marsh the next day… I’m talking about the muscly-baby-oiled -Jodie-Marsh, not the belted-boob-outfit-Jodie-Marsh! It’s like when Yorkie tried the whole ‘Yorkies aren’t for girls’ crap. Psshhhh whatever Yorkie.

Anyway, boobs aside, press ups are great, not just for your chest, but your shoulders, abs and triceps also get a workout. And what’s not to like about an exercise that’s free… no fancy weights or ridiculously expensive membership to Equinox gym are necessary!

Drop down and gimme 20 NOW.

Drop down and gimme 20 NOW.

I found some interesting info on our good old press up friend on WebMD – check it out below:

What kind of benefits? If you’re thinking the push-up is the best upper body exercise, many fitness experts agree. But, personal trainer Jessica Bottesch tells WebMD, the push-up benefits many muscle groups body-wide.

“The primary movers [the major muscle groups that produce the motion of a push-up] are the chest and tricep. However, if you look at the form your body takes during the perfect push-up, you’re typically suspended from your toes all the way to your neck, so in reality, every muscle between your shoulders and your toes is engaged,” says Bottesch, co-owner of Empower Personal Training in Durham, N.C. This includes the all important core muscles of the trunk, as well as the abdominals, legs and hips, she says.

And for women, Bottesch tells WebMD, the push-up has an extra benefit.
“A push-up is considered a resistance exercise, so in addition to muscle strengthening, you also get bone-building effects. It can be as effective as working out with weights,” says Bottesch.

To find out more about the perfect press up technique check out

Download the 100 pushups app here


So whether you download the app or just add a few into your next workout, remember that press ups are awesome. I’ll let you know when I can finally manage 100 in a row… see you next year!



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