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Obonjan Review: The Do’s & Don’ts

Obonjan Review: The Do’s & Don’ts


obonjan review


Rather than write you a big long Obonjan review I thought doing a list like this would be easier to for me to get the important points across. These are the things I really wanted to share with you about Obonjan, so for anyone heading out there before this season comes to a close or for those of you intrigued and thinking about booking it next year, have a read.

DO set your alarm early for 7:30am yoga on the decking. Whether rain or shine (yes, we had one morning of thunder & lightening), it’s such a wonderful experience and the best way to energise your body and mind for the day ahead.

DON’T walk around the island barefoot. As to be expected on an island there are lots of bugs just chilling out, loving life, including some spiky little caterpillar fellows, who will hurt your paws if step on them.

DO dive into the ocean. It doesn’t look very deep, but it’s definitely deep enough to dive in and feels so damn good!

obonjan review

DON’T expect tea or coffee before 9am – sad face! My advice would be to take your own coffee and tea bags if you’re an early bird like me and make the most of the hot water from the filters at reception at The Zen Den.

DO try something new. Whether it’s going to a talk or workshop that you’re not sure is for you, seeing the stars with the astrologer, doing sunset meditation or trying your hand at some yoga inversions… or raving until the early hours of the morning as the island has a lot of that too… much to the upset of my granny nature!

obonjan review

DON’T be shy. Chat to people and you’ll be amazed to find lots of awesome like-minded humans, who might even become friends for life or people you can work with.

DO go on one of the day trips. Sadly I can’t actually vouch for either of the day-trip options, as the dates didn’t work out with my trip, but I hear the boat to the waterfalls is incredible and well worth the extra pennies.

DON’T think it’s all about wellness. Yes there are some amazing parts of the island like The Zen Den and The Green Bar, but there are also DJs who play into the early hours of the morning and day time drinking on the decking… if you’re into that kind of thing. If you’re not (like me) then take some ear plugs!

DO eat pizza. It’s so damn good!

obonjan review

DON’T expect your bags to be at your tent/cabin within a few minutes. Ours took 3 hours to get there. I would recommend taking out anything you need for the day when you arrive (bikini, sun lotion, yoga pants etc), so then you don’t have to miss out on swimming or getting zen whilst the guys drop your luggage off. OR just take your luggage yourself, but you might regret that, as it’s pretty tough going.

DO get a massage. I left that massage table feeling so calm and rested. Oh and slightly in pain from the deep tissue part of the massage, but my body so needed it!


I also filmed a vlog throughout my whole Obonjan review trip, which you can check out here!


Love, Cat x