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Nike We Run London Training & Tips

We all know I don’t really like running (aka I’m not very good at it!), but the lovely ladies at Nike invited me to take part in their Nike We Run London 10k in June and I just can’t say no to them!

In fairness it’s actually a good thing, as one of my new years resolutions was to run more, so now I have a reason to do so and I have a distance aim, rather than just plodding around the same 2 miles of park twice a week. The 10k might not be until June, but I’m getting pretty serious about it, so have started training properly already. Not only that, but now is the perfect time to start upping your training if you want the best bikini body for you summer holidays! 😉

nike we run parkrun

This morning Rob and I got our butts out of bed at 7:45am to head over to our first ever Parkrun experience. No doubt you’ll all have heard what Parkrun is, but for those who haven’t it’s a free ,timed 5k run, taking place in parks all over the UK. Every location will vary in terms of the amount of people running, but today there was a turn out of 450 people… And it was raining. Just imagine the atmosphere when there are more people running on sunnier days! It’s a bit tough at the start when you’ve got everyone trying to get past each other, so if you’re going for a PB or you’re pretty quick, then I’d definitely recommend getting to the front for the start. Other than that we had such a good morning… yep, that’s right, I actually enjoyed myself whilst running. Shock horror!

I’m feeling goo about the whole situation at the moment – training is going well and I think I’ll be able to manage 10k without sore knees or injury. Touch wood!

Last week I popped up a video on my YouTube channel with some running tips for beginners. Check it out! 🙂


If you’ve got any tips for me, please do comment below.

Thanks for watching! x



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