Cat Meffan

New Year’s Resolutions: My Goals for 2015

2015 has well and truly arrived and if you’re anything like me you’re looking at this as a fresh new start and the perfect time to set some new challenges for the year ahead.

New Year’s resolutions (or goals, as I like to call them) aren’t for everyone, but personally I’m a fan as they give me a new focus and a clean slate to start the year.

Let’s see how many I can succeed in!


1. Keep up my balanced, healthy lifestyle, full of nutritious food and lots of exercise

2. Teach myself to do a scorpion forearm stand yoga pose

3. Be mindful and thankful every single day of all the things I’ve done and amazing people I have in my life

4. Go for a run twice a week and do yoga three/four times a week


5. Make more effort to listen to others without letting my mind wander in the weird and wonderful way that it does sometimes

6. Stay true to myself, be it through day-to-day life or the blog, I want to always be ME

7. Launch my first collection of rings under Cat Meffan Fine Jewellery and work towards launching a second collection by the end of the year


8. Take up adult gymnastics classes

9. Take up tennis with Rob when the evenings start to get lighter

10. Meet even more inspirational fellow bloggers and partner up for fun YouTube videos & blog posts

So there’s my list of things to focus on in 2015 – I’d love to hear what you’ve got planned! x