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This blog post contains an advertorial for MoveGB

There are so many things about my job that I love, but even the parts of it that I love can sometimes put a strain on my work/life balance, especially when it comes to my fitness routine. When I’m at home I go to a local gym and usually you can find me doing my own yoga practice in my dining room – I’m sure some of you will know the room I mean from my Instagram, white floor, white wall! The only issue with this is that I’m rarely at home and lately I’ve been keeping my rest days for the days I can snuggle up on the sofa with Rob and just catch up on life.

At least once a week, I spend a day in London and then another day somewhere else, sometimes at my parents in Hertfordshire or sometimes on a UK press trip. So yes, pretty all over the place and because of this I’ve been reluctant to get a monthly gym or boutique fitness studio membership, as it’s very rare that I can actually make the most out of it each month.




Going to a class in London is one of my favourite things to do, as it breaks up a busy day of meetings and it usually means I get to catch up with other fitness blogging friends. And this is the same when I’m home at my parents in Hertfordshire, I’ll either go to a yoga class with my Mum or do a sweaty workout with my sister. Making fitness a social things has been the key to me staying on top of my routine. Of course not every week goes according to plan, there will often be weeks when I can’t find time to do all of the yoga and fitness that I’d like, but I’m ok with that. I know when other things need to take priority, which is a huge part of sticking to the routine…. NOT always having to stick to the routine. Finding acceptance when other things come into your life and just knowing that each day is a new start, where you can only do your best to find that time to workout.



Lately I’ve been using MoveGB to help me find the perfect class to suit my location, time available and mood. With over 5,500 venues, whether I’m looking for a yoga class to do locally in Hertfordshire with the Mothership, or a sweaty HIIT workout with blogger friends in London, MoveGB has me covered. And the best part… if the classes don’t fit with the time I have free, I can just use one of the gyms listed on the app (e.g. Virgin Active and Gymbox) and do my own workout instead. To get this feature as part of your membership, you just need to go for the ‘Every Activity Membership’, but there are different levels, so you can go for something a little cheaper if it suits your budget and your needs.

The other key feature of MoveGB that I love and will most definitely be making the most of, is the ‘account freeze’ feature. I travel overseas a lot and I’m sure that during the summer months a lot of your do too. How frustrating is it to know that you’re paying for gym membership, but not actually using the gym?! With MoveGB you can freeze your account during that time, so you won’t get charged when you haven’t been able to use it.




For me, this goes without saying, but I still hear of so many people training and workout, just because they feel like they have to. As much as I personally love it, going to the gym is not the only way to workout, so if you don’t enjoy it, find something else. This year I took up bouldering, not because it’s an amazing full body workout (which it is by the way), but because it’s so much fun. There are so many classes out there now, you can try something new every week! And if a class isn’t for you, how about swimming, or going back to your P.E. days at school with some team sports.

So that’s how the story goes! I love working out in so many different ways, which is why MoveGB is such a great membership for me. I get to keep my options open and not have to pay a crazy amount of money.


Leggings – Varley

Sports Bra – Varley

Backpack – asos

Trainers – adidas

What tips and tricks do you have for sticking to your fitness routine? 

Love, Cat x