Cat Meffan

Just one of those days

I was just having one of ‘those days’ today – you know the one. I couldn’t put my finger on an exact reason for my sad mood, but I know I slept badly, I’m tired and I just felt a bit ‘meehhh’ about life.

I’m normally the most annoying chirpy morning person in the world (so my family and Rob always tell me), but today I just couldn’t perk up and force a smile. I know everyone gets like this sometimes, so these are my top ways to get through a day like this.

 1. Workout:

I know, so obvious for me to be saying this, but it really does help perk me up and give me something to focus on. The endorphins trigger a positive feeling in my body and always have me bouncing back from a workout, no matter the pain I’m in!

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2. Fresh air:

I strolled to & from the gym and sat for a while in the shade afterwards, just to breathe in the fresh (or as fresh as can be in London!) air. It wasn’t quite the sea breeze I was longing for, but definitely helped clear my head.

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3. Mindfulness

This is a form of meditation that I learned years ago when going through CBT and it’s the one thing that I took from the course and still practise. Just 10 minutes a day can really help centre me. Rather than try to explain mindfulness myself, I’ve nabbed a little description from the professionals. Makes much more sense than I would!

“The sitting practice of mindfulness meditation gives us the¬†opportunity to become more present with ourselves just as we are. This, in turn, shows us glimpses of our inherent wisdom and teaches us how to stop perpetuating the unnecessary suffering that results from trying to escape the discomfort, and even pain, we inevitably experience as a consequence of simply being alive.”

To learn a bit more about it, click here.

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4. Water and nutritious food:

When I’m feeling a bit down or just a bit off, in the past I tended to veer towards snacking on bad treats, but over the past few years of my lifestyle change I’ve learned that the sugar highs don’t help at all. The best thing to do is eat lots of nutritious veg and drink lots of water. It’s a given for me everyday, but it’s always that little bit harder to stay away from temptation when I’m having ‘one of those days’.

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A bed of quinoa mixed with avocado, pesto, pine nuts & spinach with seasoned chicken and asparagus – YUM!


5. Friends

They’ll always perk you up! Not always in the sense that you need to talk about how you feel, sometimes it’s just nice to listen to others about how their day has been or share some laughs with friends in the office. Rob is always on hand for me too, and the feeling that someone knows you so well and knows exactly what to say is just the best.

And finally, if all else fails this meme never fails to make me chuckle, even though it’s actually a tiny bit heartbreaking!



So after a long day with tired eyes and a sad face, I’m actually feeling much better. Ready for a good sleep and a better day tomorrow!

Night all x