Cat Meffan

It’s not all seeds and salads

Some of you will read these posts about smoothies and healthy eating plans and think it just a boring way to be. Well, today was my cheat meal day and I just got back from eating the best pizza EVER at Franco Manca followed by a cone of vanilla & caramel ice cream. And then I might have just eaten a bar of milk chocolate too. I’d like to point out that I have absolutely no guilt over that, which is something I would have felt only a few months ago because of the calories.

Eating healthily during the week means I can enjoy myself on my chosen cheat day.

The cheat meal works perfectly – for six days I have something to look forward to and then once my cheat meal is over I feel so perfectly full that it makes me crave the healthy food again. Win win. I know this may not happen with everyone, but you’ll be surprised how much more you’ll enjoy the treat if you feel like you deserve it.

The scientific reasoning behind this is that after days of not eating sugar (and the likes) your body will have a shock when you finally have your cheat treat, therefore pushing your metabolism into overdrive and burning off the calories at a faster rate than normal. This effect can continue for a few days after the cheat so your metabolism will still be working faster than the Findus stable boys when you’re back to eating healthily!

I’m already looking forward to my roast dinner and treacle sponge next weekend!