Cat Meffan

Tap It, Shake It, Breathe & Smile

From reading the title of this blog post, I’d forgive you for thinking I’ve lost the plot, but it’s quite the opposite, I seem to have found the plot, or at least some of it. For the last four weeks I’ve spent time each morning shaking and tapping my body thanks to the Hayo’u Method, to see if these little rituals really can help relieve stress and any incoming health issues.

This all began after I went to see Katie Brindle, founder or the Hayo’u Method, which has just launched online. Katie studied Chinese medicine for years after having an accident which put a stop to her career in opera singing. She then decided to change her path and dive into the world of healing, which is how she’s come to launch the Hayo’u Method. Upon meeting Katie, my views on Chinese medicine were instantly dissolved – The Hayo’u method isn’t about needles and crazy remedies, it’s actually rather simple on the surface… a few morning rituals which will hopefully leave you feeling more revived each day and will be gearing your body up for a healthy and happy future. Of course there is much more depth and Katie could go on for hours discussing individual issues, but using wisdom from the ancient Chinese traditions Katie has developed these rituals to teach us all about how our body can actually heal itself.


So what are these rituals I’m talking about? They take only a couple of minutes each morning and after doing them for three weeks I can definitely feel the difference… but we’ll get onto my personal story in just a moment. First, I want to share the rituals with you, so you can add them to your morning routine.

The Shake, Twist & Tap – This is my new favourite thing to do in the morning, genuinely! Rob thinks I look like a crazy lady, but I’m sure I’ll get him on board in no time. The shaking wakes my body up instantly and loosens up any tension that’s built up overnight and the tapping just feels awesome, especially on my back. Watch the video below to see what you need to do. You can also read all about the shake, twist and tap ritual here. I urge you to give it a try!


Smile Breathing – As a yogi I’m a big fan of breathing techniques, especially deep breathing that can help calm nerves and relieve stress. Before meeting Katie I’d never heard of trying to create a smile in your abdomen as you breath out and at first I did find this a little tough, as I always slipped back into my yogic breath. Over the weeks I’ve realised that this breathing doesn’t need to be done numerous times, just one deep breath can help instantly. You can read more information about the breathing ritual here.



It’s not often I get super personal on the blog, but I had such a strong reaction after my appointment with Katie, I wanted to share it with you.

After my appointment with Katie, I had what she called a healing crisis and it wasn’t pretty. I stayed on a high for about three days after the appointment, but as I got more exhausted from running around from place to place, everything she told me about my heart, liver and kidneys was starting to make sense. Things were falling into place and everything just got on top of me. I’m not one for sharing every low in my life on social media, as my main aim – especially on Instagram – is to help inspire and motivate you all, so it might come as a surprise when I say that I spent about a week to 10 days in a very low state, crying a lot, not really knowing where to find any direction. Throughout this I was still training and doing yoga, as that’s something I love and it helps me zone out, and there were times when I’d feel back to normal for a few hours, but then I’d feel overwhelmed again and not know where to start. That was two weeks ago, and even though I’m probably still burning the candle at both ends slightly, I actually feel like I have it all under control. I’m on an upwards journey now and have a smile on my face (and in my tummy!) again.

hayo'u method

Another issue we spoke about was my back pain, which I’m torn between thinking is an actual physical problem or just an emotional and energetic pain, which is what Katie thinks. I was so convinced it was the latter, as whilst I was going through the healing crisis my back was particularly bad, even though I hadn’t over done it in yoga or the gym, BUT this week when having a massage, my therapist started working on my lower back and the pain flared up really badly. Other times I’m just sitting doing work and I’ll get up and feel like I’ve caught something in my back. So as you can see I’m going back and forth with it at the moment, but aside from the back issues, all the things Katie spoke about made so much sense, which is why I’ve continued with my daily rituals and will continue for years to come I’m sure.

I urge you all to have a little browse through the articles on the Hayo’u method website, as I think you’ll begin to get a grasp of how the energetic forces and emotions in your body are having an effect on you in everyday life.

Let me know if you try any of the rituals and how you get on.

Happy tapping! 

Love, Cat x

This post is in collaboration with The Hayo’u Method, but all views are my own.