Cat Meffan

Friday’s Fashion Fix

It’s that time of week again… yep, it’s nearly the weekend! Oh and here are a few cool things I’ve seen this week.

1. Louun mini leaf necklace – $17

I recently found Louun whilst browsing the jewellery on Etsy and instantly fell in love with the simple and dainty designs. Within minutes, my basket had ten things in it, but I decided to be good and just picked two. I’m definitely thinking of going back for this mini leaf necklace. It’s so cute and would look great layered with other chains. I also love the initial pendants and star drop earrings.


Available to buy here

2. Topshop Parisa Premium Western Boots – £130

I’m such a sucker for a pair of black boots and these are beauties. I’m having an appreciation week for Topshop, because of the amazing Unique show on Sunday. If you didn’t see it, check out my blog post and be prepared to want EVERYTHING. Anyway, back to the boots – I love these because they’re not trying to hard on the ‘western front’ – wheeyyy: a pointed toe, some croco grain leather and a metal cap is about the limit for me, so these are perfect.


Available to buy here

3. Zara checked printed trousers – £39.99

I really wanted the navy and green version of these, but they sold out quickly. I’m glad now, as I much prefer these ones. Plus, I just had the ends of my hair dyed red yesterday, so they’ll tie in nicely with that! These are a great length and will look cute with black ankle boots (why not buy the Topshop ones above) and a plain white or grey t-shirt. Maybe a mini gold leaf necklace to finish off the look!


Available to buy here

3. Zara combination high heel sandal – £29.99 (yes, ONLY £29.99)

I’m having a bit of a Zara love affair at the moment and these shoes will be joining my wardrobe very soon. They’re elegant and simple, but so sexy, with the metal heel and ankle strap. These would look great with a pair of loose fitting boyfriend jeans, a plain vest top and a varsity style jacket. Topshop have some at the moment, but if you want the best of the best, head to Opening Ceremony.

2355201040_1_1_1Available to buy here

5. Free People Faux Leather Baseball Cap – £38.00

Baseball caps are making a come back in a big way – they’re no longer just for your dad on his summer holiday. Team it with the outfit I described above and you’ll be on to a winner. As soon as I’ve written this, I’ll probably be purchasing this cap. I’m all about the baseball caps at the moment… to the point that I nearly bought a faux fur leopard print one the other day! I still might buy it to be honest… the J.Crew Fashion Week presentation inspired me.



Available to buy here 


It should be illegal

This week’s ‘It should be illegal’ is dedicated to an old favourite… Sketchers. ANY type of Sketchers. In particular though, the ones that ‘shape’ your bum… in other words the ones that make you look like you’re rocking on two miniature boats. Their head office is in my home town and I have to take a deep breath and shake my head every time I walk past (NOT wearing a pair of boats). Sadly I won’t be sharing an image of them with you, as I feel it will taint my blog forever. I’m sure you’ve all seen them and either feel the same way or are rocking around your room right now, with a really toned arse! If you’re doing the latter, we are not friends.


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