Cat Meffan

Forget about counting calories

Since I was about 15 I have counted calories, well, up until about 3 months ago that is. I was sure it was programmed into women from birth! Changing my lifestyle has made me realise how bad I was. For example, I’d eat a croissant and a chocolate bar and then not eat dinner. BAD idea. Where were all my nutrients? My five-a-day? I wasn’t getting them and I could tell. I was constantly tired or moody or stressed out, so my parents and boyfriend kindly told me! Some nights I’d do impressions of Harry Enfield’s Kevin character. Oh yes, a lot of shoulder shrugging and ‘urrrgh’ sounds. Ok, maybe I wasn’t THAT bad, but I was grumpy┬ásometimes.


Why is calorie counting so popular? Experts say that we (humans) love ease. Counting calories or fat grams is far easier than actually understanding the complex effects food has on our bodies, therefore we just go with that option. I’m working on a post at the moment with the ultimate list of superfoods, and have learnt so much about each one. Now, I don’t claim to know every vitamin and superfood, but I do know some of the key foods that can have a positive effect on the body.

counting calories

I no longer calorie count. It only occurred to me when a friend did it in front of me last week, and for the first time I realised I couldn’t give a penguin’s auntie. What I do now isn’t extreme at all, it’s just a case of being disciplined and eating the right things without sacrificing the things I like. I’m actually taking care of my body for once.