Cat Meffan

Dealing With It: You, Me & Anxiety

When I had all of my bulimia and depression issues, anxiety was just an add on to that. The three things made a full-circle of constant heart flutters and cold sweats. When I battled my issues and came out the other side I wasn’t naive, I knew that I’d alway be tainted with little self-doubts, but as a MUCH stronger and confident person, with supportive people around me, I never feel too lost and I always know the feelings will pass, because I will actively make changes to my life to see that it passes.

The reason I’m writing this post is because yesterday was one of those days when dealing with anxiety got me hard. I constantly felt on edge or nearing tears and was struggling to smile, which for anyone who knows me, that’s quite out of character – I love showing my pearly whites! 😉 There will always be challenges in our life that get us down and sometimes rather than fight how you’re feeling, I find it’s good to just accept the down days as exactly that… one day that will pass by.

Yesterday evening I went to a pretty intense Ashtanga class which helped let my mind escape the worries. Other times I might just talk to Rob about how I’m feeling, meditate or write it down, like I am now. Getting it out always helps. Even a warm mug of green tea and a little hang upside down can really help me shake it out. Please note that it’s probably best not to do the green tea and upside-down moves at the same time!

If you struggle with similar issues I just want you to know that you’re not alone. More people than you know have days like us, but some chose to keep it to themselves.

I know it’s not easy, but if we share our thoughts and feelings, maybe it can be just a little more bearable.

Love, Cat x