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FAVOURITES: The Best Winter Beauty Products

I’m no pro beauty blogger and don’t have huge knowledge when it comes to the best beauty brands out there, but I do know what works for me and the best winter beauty products I like using. I get asked about my skin a lot as I’m very fortunate to have quite clear skin, so I thought I’d share my favourite products of the moment with you.

The Best Winter Beauty Products

Origins GinZing Face Moisturiser – I’ve been using this moisturiser for quite a long time now and I love it. I don’t like moisturisers that are too heavy and I also don’t like something too ‘wet’. It needs to be somewhere in the middle and I find that the Origins GinZing moisturiser is the perfect balance. After I shower each morning the skin on my face gets quite tight, so I use this straight away and can really feel my skin absorbing it. It also smells great!

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Aveda Daily Light Guard SPF 30 – I’ve used quite a few different SPF serums and moisturisers over the years and at the moment I’m enjoying this one from Aveda. I think it’s extremely important to protect our skin from the sun’s rays, especially on the face where it is super sensitive and yes, I use this in winter too. Throughout summer I use a factor 50 sun block on my face most days, just to be safe, and so in winter even though the sunshine isn’t anywhere near as strong I still like to keep up my protective routine, so I use an SPF serum.

Shop Aveda Daily Light Guard here.

Sister & Co Coconut Oil (or any good coconut oil) – Sister & Co from Space NK is the one I’m using at the moment, but there are lots of other good brands available. In the colder months when I’m constantly rubbing my nose or blowing it, I find the skin around my nose gets very sore. This also happens when I go running on very cold days. I either get a runny nose (sexy, I know!) or I’m wiping sweat away from my face so the skin can get very irritated with the cold wind. I just rub a little bit of coconut oil on the affected area which not only soothes the irritation, but also hydrates the skin, helping it to repair.

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Hand Cream – I’m a hand cream fiend and always have been. I think I get it from my mum who has been ordering hand cream from the Avon catalogue for as long as I can remember – she swears by it! I’m not hugely fussy on brands and at the moment am using L’occitane’s shea butter hand cream, which is doing a pretty good job! I’ve been told to try using the hand cream overnight and putting cotton gloves on to help it really nourish the skin, which I’m starting as of tonight.

Shop L’occitane Hand Cream here.

Tiger Balm – When my shoulders and neck get tight from sitting at my laptop, I massage some tiger balm in to ease the ache. This happens more so in the winter because when it’s cold during the day at home, I find my shoulders creeping up to my ears and my upper back hunching over trying to keep warm. It’s good to set reminders on your phone every 45 minutes to get up and more around. This way you’re getting the blood flowing but can also reset your posture when you sit back down to work.

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Thanks for reading about the best winter beauty products in my opinion. I love to hear some of your suggestions so pop a comment below. 🙂

Love, Cat x