Cat Meffan

My Experience: The Best Running Trainers

Firstly I want to start this post by saying I’m still not sure I’ve found the absolute best running trainers for me, but that could be down to my many knee and joint issues. Now that I write those words down, I know that the issue isn’t with the trainers, it’s with the way I run and the problems I continuously have with my EDS III. These three pairs are definitely the best I’ve tried and I actually run in all of them still – I have a pair at my parent’s house, a pair at my home and then a pair in my car for any last-minute runs.

This isn’t so much of a technical guide, as you can get all of that information from each brand’s website, this is just my experience with each pair, selecting the best running trainers for me.


Best Running Trainers

As the priciest of the three, you’d expect big things out of these and even though I do really like them I feel that the £200 price tag is probably too high for a lot of people, unless running is their ‘thing’ and they are happy to invest. I got these after going to the Asics running lab and having numerous tests completed on my body and the way I run. I’m a forefoot runner, but also over pronate, so I needed something to help with that. This was the only Asics model that actually made any difference to the way I run, and now that I wear my enertor insoles inside I can feel the difference. I ran my 10k back in May in these trainers and they did me proud.

Shop Asics Metarun here.


Best Running Trainers

When it comes to general comfort I think these are my favourite as they fit my feet like a glove. The boost (the white stuff under the trainer) gives a really nice bounce to my run and has a great softness to it, whilst feeling strong and sturdy. The adidas Ultraboost have what’s called Primeknit, I guess the equivalent to Nike’s flyknit, but the adidas version feels slightly more robust, which is why I think I find them good for running. I know quite a few people who run in these trainers and think they’re awesome. Another plus is the colourways. Yes, I know I have black, but I love a black trainer! adidas update them each season with new colours, always keeping it fresh.

Shop Adidas Ultraboost here.


Best Running Trainers

These were the first trainers I started running in and I still really like them. When it comes to running in Nike trainers I find I’m slightly between sizes, so I use the extra hole to put the heel lock on. Although saying that, I actually use that for my Asics Metarun too, as they are slightly too big for me. The Nike ones are my favourite in terms as style, as I love the shape, so I ended up getting another pair to wear for best. SUCH a trainer geek! Nike always kick-butt when it comes to style – I have quite a few of their running trainers that I just wear out, rather than for running!

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So there you have it, my experience with my three favourite pairs of the best running trainers. Hopefully this will prove a little helpful if you’re in the market for a new pair.

Keep on running!

Love, Cat x