Cat Meffan

A home delivered ballet workout.


Earlier this week I dug out my old ballet shoes and took to my front room (having told Mum & Dad that they can’t access the room between 7:30 and 8:30pm) and logged on to my very first virtual ballet sprint workout with Sleek Technique.


Firstly, to get you up to speed, Sleek Technique (in its own words) is a total body fitness method based on authentic ballet technique to hone, tone and strengthen your body like nothing else. And it really is. As an ex-ballet dancer I did have a slight advantage, which I found was actually quite important throughout the sprint class as it meant I could keep up with the lovely (and incredibly toned) Victoria Marr, my instructor for the evening.

Flik Swan and Victoria Marr, Co-founders of Sleek Technique

Flik Swan and Victoria Marr, Co-founders of Sleek Technique


Victoria is one half of the brains behind Sleek Technique, along with Flik Swan. The dancing duo have been friends since the age of 11, when both of them started their full time classical dance training. Both Victoria and Flik’s careers have been amazing, Victoria having only just finished as a first soloist with the Birmingham Royal Ballet three months ago, and Flik’s successful West End career.

As a newcomer to the class, I was asked to download the video conference software, which took a couple of minutes and then ‘join the class’ about 10 minutes prior to it starting, so that Victoria could ask me a few questions about my experience and help position my laptop. This is important, as Victoria needs to be able to see my full body throughout the class. I was so impressed with Victoria’s ability to correct any of our mistakes and still keep the class flowing smoothly.

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Victoria explained each move, but as I and the other class members had ballet knowledge, she was able to move from one sequence to the next quite rapidly, giving my whole body a full-on workout. Moving through ballet basics like the plié, tendu, fondu, we finished off the session with a good stretch and then a short post-class chat with Victoria about any improvements we’ve made or could make.


Sleek Technique gives you the luxury of being able to workout in your own home, but with the motivation of a group class. We’ve all tried a fitness DVD in our time, but how many of us can honestly say that we’ve stuck to doing it. Sometimes, you just need the motivation of others to help you workout to your full potential. I definitely do and that’s exactly what Sleek Technique gave me.

Along with these group sessions, Sleek Technique also offer private classes and downloadable workouts. For the full schedule of group classes, please click here and follow @SleekTechnique on Twitter for any updates.


I’ll be speaking to the lovely pair later this week for a Q&A about health, ballet and fitness, so check back for my next post.

Let me know if you try a class and how you get on! Enjoy 🙂 x