Cat Meffan

How I Find Balance In Day To Day Life

This post contains a paid advertorial for Yushoi.

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I’m so excited to announce that I have partnered with pea-based snack brand, Yushoi, and over the coming months I will be bringing you lots of content all focusing around the word of the moment, ‘balance’! The last six months has seen the word ‘balance’ become the most over used word in the health and fitness industry, so in my blog post today I want to get you thinking a lot more about what it really means to you.

First thing to know, there is no right or wrong answer to this. We are all different and where some might instantly think of food, others might think of work and some will think of many things all at once. I’m going to share what it means to me and tell you how it relates to daily life.

To me, balance is something that will only be right for split moments in life, we are constantly on the edge of balance, giving a little and taking a little in order to make it work. Take eating as an example, one day we indulge at a party and the next day we reign it in a little, eating lots of veggies – both of the situations are good because this is LIFE. Life isn’t about being harsh on yourself, restricting what you do or eat and it certainly isn’t about being perfect. There’s no such thing.

A definition of balance might be that if an element is evenly distributed then we’re able to stand tall and steady. Steadiness is a word I love when thinking of balance because it lends itself so well to exercise, diet and mental attitude. That doesn’t mean that your workouts are slow and boring, it just means that when you challenge yourself in the gym or on a yoga mat, you then might want to even it out with something more restorative.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a big snacker. Who isn’t?! So bringing this balanced thinking into everyday life, especially with regards to diet, I will usually try to keep my snacks to whole foods, like nuts and fruit. When that isn’t an option I’ll go for something readymade and super yummy, as long as I know it isn’t packed full of ingredients that I don’t understand. Something like Yushoi works well for me, as it’s suitable for vegetarians and has no artificial colours or flavourings. Balance also comes down to such simple things too, like body temperature… if I’m hot, I’ll drink something cool, if I’m cold, I’ll have a warm drink. These are all things that relate to balance, but things I feel we have forgotten about with ‘balance’ becoming such a buzz word in the online health and fitness community.

Ask yourself, what does balance mean to you? Maybe even write it down and have a think about it for a while. In my next post for Yushoi I’m going to chat to you more about physical balance and bringing it into your yoga and fitness practice, so keep your eyes peeled for more!

Love, Cat x