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Yoga For Charity With Yoogaia & PLAN International

If you’re a regular reader of the blog you’ll have read about Yoogaia in my recent list of best fitness apps for travel. In short, Yoogaia is a live yoga class app. In a similar way to Sleek Technique, the Yoogaia instructor can see the pupils on their screen, while you can only see the instructor. This way, you can clearly see what the instructor is demonstrating whilst he/she can see all students, to make any necessary corrections.

This month Yoogaia has teamed up with global children’s charity PLAN International to support their *My Law campaign and will be donating one euro for every person signed up to the special classes on offer, which you can find here.

PLAN is global children’s charity and the My Law campaign is focused on bringing awareness to the abuse that young girls face in school every single day, across the world. 337,000 girls are abused at school each day, which means that laws intended to prevent abuse are broken four times every second. That’s a pretty shocking statistic.

Violence is one of the main reasons around 62 million girls around the globe do not complete their education. After an assault, be it verbal or physical, many girls perform worse at school. Often parents choose to take them out of school, either to protect them against other attacks, or because they just don’t know how to approach the subject with the school. By combating violence against girls, we ensure better schooling for girls. Obviously this is something that happens in some countries more than others, but there’s no denying that it’s a global issue, one that needs our attention.

Yoga is an art that I feel brings people together, letting people focus on their mind, body and soul. This is why Yoogaia partnering with a charity like PLAN on the My Law campaign is so perfect, looking at ways to bring peace to these young girls.

Cat Meffan photographed by Gary Morrisroe  ©Gary Morrisroe

Through my recent studying for my yoga teacher training, I’ve been reading the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, which I even recommend for people who don’t practice yoga. In sanskrit a word that comes up is ‘Ashima’, which translates to ‘nonviolence’. This is both meant towards yourself and others. Finding love in one’s self will lead to spreading and sharing that love and compassion with others around the world.

The lovely Yoogaia team have kindly given Imperfect Matter readers a two week free trial, so head over to their website and register, using the code ‘IMPERFECTMATTER‘.

I hope you’re able to make this most out of this and take part in as many of the special PLAN classes as you like.

Love, Cat x

*You can read more about the My Law campaign here.