Cat Meffan

Come and #Workit With Me & Adidas!

You may remember a while ago on the blog I announced that I’ve teamed up with adidas to be part of their summer series #workit campaign and I shared the awesome lookbook images with you. Well if you’ve been following adidas on social media then you’ll have seen both Em Sheldon and AJ Odudu doing their fitness thing, and now it’s my turn.

It feels like ages ago that we filmed these moves for you, but I’m SO excited for you all to see them, to hear what you think and hopefully see some of you introducing my moves into your workouts.


The aim for my #workit series is to tone my arms and legs, whilst hinting to my love of dance and yoga. I’ve always had a bit of a hang up about my ‘strong’ looking limbs, so we created these moves to give a little more body confidence to those of you who also struggle with similar parts of your body. Even though I strongly believe that body confidence very much comes from the mind and self-acceptance, there’s no denying that when you’ve sweated your way through a workout, focusing on those parts that aren’t your favourites, you walk away feeling a rush of endorphins… and wake up the next day feeling sore in all the right places! I love that feeling.

adidas ultra boost cat meffan

If body confidence is something you struggle with, have a read of my blog post about it.

Over the next six weeks, keep your eyes peeled for little old me, sweating my butt off in my favourite adidas ultra boost trainers on the adidas Women Facebook page and the adidas UK twitter & Instagram accounts.


adidas ultra boost cat meffan



Trainers: adidas Ultra Boost

Leggings: adidas 3 stripe leggings

Top: adidas yogi crop top

Sports bra (under top): adidas 3 stripe bra

Love, Cat x