Cat Meffan

Willpower Challenge: It’s Transformation Time

I first started Imperfect Matter to motivate myself and I’ve seen it grow and evolve into a platform that helps inspire and motivate others. I’m so so proud of that and LOVE that you keep reading what I have to say, but I think sometimes I forget that I need to keep myself motivated too, which is why I’m writing this post about my new willpower challenge.

First things first, this is NOT me saying I need to lose weight, not at all. This is very much a personal journey I’d like to go on for the next six weeks, to test my mental ability to stick to a plan. Even though I lead what I believe to be a balance lifestyle, it has been rather up and down over the last 6 months or so. I love to treat myself and am the first person to ask for the pudding menu, but now I’d like to reign it in a little.

I jumped back on the sugar bandwagon and naturally, like so many of us, got hooked. It’s a nasty little toxin, which even though I enjoy it every so often, I’ve found myself consuming more than I would like, so I’m going to do something about it. This isn’t so much about stopping myself from having pudding when I’m out for a nice dinner, it’s about being at home in the evening, not hungry at all, but just wanting to eat a bowl of granola or something sweet.

I’ve filmed this willpower challenge video, going into a bit more detail about my reasons and plans for the next six weeks. Watch it here…



Now for the VERY scary part. Obviously I share the good angles with you all on Instagram, but here are two very raw, un-edited photos of where I’m at right now. Like I said before I am NOT complaining about being overweight or anything like that, this is a personal choice to set myself a¬†willpower challenge, so I’m going to use both Imperfect Matter and my YouTube channel to document it, as it’ll motivate me to stick to it. Hopefully you can all understand that.

willpower challenge

Just as a reminder to myself, these photos were taken after breakfast on Wednesday 22nd June at around 10am. The outcome of this challenge may not even be a physical one, and that’s fine but I want to have these photos on file in case there is a change in my body, so I can share it with you all.

Let’s do this! Love, Cat x