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Wheyhey! We went to the driving range!

To make a long story short, Rob LOVES golf and I’m still not so sure about it, but after driving the M25 full circle yesterday (an even longer story!) and dancing our socks off at a fun family wedding last night, we decided that a day in the sunshine should be on the agenda. In other words, sunshine = the only time I’ll consider a trip to the driving range.

As I spend most of my week cooped up inside, I love to make sure my weekends are spent outdoors being as active as possible and today may have just been the day that I gave up my golf hatred and actually began to enjoy it…. a lot.

To any golfers reading this, please excuse my technique in these photos – I’m a beginner!

photo 1

Following a few swings at the driving range, we hit the putting green and that my friends is sadly not my strong point. It only took a casual FIVE shots for me to hole the 3 metre putt. Definitely going to need some work!

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What a geek!


When we got home we took to the garden for a little Sunday skipping session to get the heart-rate up and get a little sweat on. On muggy days like today I like to stay active, but make sure I don’t over-do it in the heat. An arm workout at golf and a bit of skipping was just about perfect for me and my day was about to get even more perfect with a chill-out in the sunshine & a cheat treat.

Our treat came in the form of Wheyhey protein ice cream – so actually not a cheat at all, as it’s pretty darn good for you and tastes DELICIOUS!

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As you can see, I was pretty chuffed with my ice cream!

photo 5

Available in chocolate (my favourite!), vanilla and strawberry, Wheyhey is low in fat, sugar free (naturally sweetened with birch tree extract, Xylitol) and it is packed with 22 grams of whey protein.

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What a happy little ice cream fiend!


I know how hard it can be to say no to an ever-tempting Twister ice lolly or a 99 ice cream, but Wheyhey tasted just as yummy and I didn’t have to  worry about the sugar content.

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Sadly another glorious weekend is over, but I’ve got a packed week full of exciting meetings and workouts… and maybe a tub or two of Wheyhey!

Hope you all had a great weekend too! x




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