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What is AcroYoga?

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen me upside-down, balancing on top of someone else’s body. Well, that’s me practicing AcroYoga.

After doing an AcroYoga class at one of the London Lululemon stores over a year ago, the practice really intrigued me and so my quest began to make amazing shapes with a partner and experience a new kind of yoga energy. As an ex-gymnast, the acrobatics part of AcroYoga had me hooked within minutes, as I was able to use techniques I learned long ago and use them within my yoga practice. I’m still very much a beginner, but one day I’ll be gracefully moving through poses, breathing and stretching on someone else’s feet, building strength, flexibility and most importantly trust and teamwork between myself and a partner.

what is acroyoga

AcroYoga combines yoga, healing arts and acrobatics; In a basic description AcroYoga is acrobatic and therapeutic flying. How nice does that sound!? A lot of what you see on Instagram is photos of the amazing flexible poses, but there is so much more to AcroYoga, just think having a thai massage by you partner who is holding you upside-down above them. For a more in-depth look at AcroYoga on Instagram, follow AcroVinyasa.

I found this little description online, sooooo what is AcroYoga?

The practice of AcroYoga is split into two parts, Acrobatic (Solar) and Therapeutic (Lunar). Each side explores the relationship between the mover and those being moved. In the dynamic Solar practice, participants learn three different roles: Base (mover), Flyer (being moved), and Spotter (knowledge of both). Lunar theraputics embraces the deeply healing connection to metta—loving kindness. Here, the Giver is the mover, and the Receiver is the one being moved. Balance is the midpoint between extremes, so it’s best to explore this practice from all sides to know where your grounded passion truly lies.

Something I see a lot is people commenting on my photos saying things like “I could never do that!”, but AcroYoga really is for everyone, we all just have a different starting point. When you go to class with an expert teacher, you’ll understand that you need not be a master gymnast, circus acrobat, or seasoned yogi to enjoy. AcroYoga, as with all yoga is a practice of substance, and is not about being showy. In classes or workshops you’ll learn the necessary building blocks to take whatever physical skills you have to new heights and with a good teacher you’ll always have someone there to support you, literally. Find a teacher and partner that you trust and the rest will come with focus and dedication to the practice.

what is acroyoga

Don’t be put off by photos of bendy people and think that just because you’re not as flexible you can’t do it. Research classes in your area and give it a try!

If you’re based in London, try the AcroYoga workshops at TriYoga, GoGoYoga and free classes at Lululemon.

 Happy Flying! x

P.S. Thanks to my AcroYoga buddy, Laura Try!


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