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Smoothing Out The Stress With Vaara

I get emailed about new activewear brands on a daily basis and even though I LOVE a new pair of leggings, I’m getting rather picky in my old age when it comes to trying new brands. I first heard about Vaara when an invite to the launch event – held at the luxurious Grace Belgravia – landed in my inbox. Sadly I couldn’t get to London on the day of the event, but I replied saying how lovely the collection looked and am now excited to be working on this Vaara review blog post in collaboration with them.

Vaara isn’t just about designing beautiful activewear, founder Tatiana Korsokova has a real passion for health, fitness and general wellbeing so the Vaara website is a one-stop online destination for some fresh new garments along with lots of wellness posts, recipes and fitness tips. Rather than just write about the activewear itself I always want to give you more than that, so in-keeping with how soft and smooth the leggings feel to wear, I’ve put together a few little tips on how to smooth out any stress you might be feeling, as these are the things that really help me…

vaara review


Breathing is totally underrated, which is crazy seeing as we need to be doing it to survive. Not enough people realise that a few breaths using the right technique can really help calm the mind, allowing you to think more clearly. Sometimes before bed I get a little anxious about everything I need to do the next day, so I either do a few rounds of humming (yes, humming!) or I breathe in for four and out for eight. As a yogi I use my ujjayi breath, but just deep nasal breathing is great too.

vaara review

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Whether you’re writing down your worries or writing your to-do list, having it placed from pen to paper can be such a great way to prioritise and manage your time a little better. When I’m not writing my to-do list, I like to colour. Having 30-minutes out just to focus on not going outside the lines can be so therapeutic. Typing on your computer doesn’t work like writing it down – I know the satisfaction I get from ticking things off a to-do list, which you definitely don’t feel when deleting something from a list on a computer screen.


Getting my endorphins flowing is the best medicine for me. I honestly love it. I feel a release when I go for a run, do a workout or get on my mat for a powerful yoga flow and find that it helps balance any nerves or stresses I may have. So often, all we really need to do is to walk away from the problem to get a new perspective on it before trying to find a solution and this is what going to the gym helps me do.

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Hopefully those few tips, even though they seem simple, will really help you when you feel the stress rising.

Vaara Review

vaara reviewTalking about stress, I’ve been feeling it a bit lately, so needing a beautiful backdrop to shoot these Vaara pieces was the perfect excuse to soak up some sunshine in the Algarve. I packed my new super-soft feeling activewear and headed for the beach.

The only thing I didn’t pack was the grey Hopper bomber jacket, as from the moment I took it out of the bag, it has hardly left my back. I know bomber jackets are all the rage at the moment, but I think this one is extra special with the pink silk lining and chic simplicity. Let’s not beat around the bush, at £350 it’s not cheap, but seeing as I’ll be wearing it so much, I think it’s worth it.

As for the Alexis leggings the first check I do on any pair of leggings is the ever-so-classy bend over in front of the mirror to check they are not see-through. I had a feeling these would pass the test due to the thick, soft material, and they did. These aren’t the kind of leggings I’ll be taking to the gym to do a sweaty HIIT workout in, but they make for a perfect pair of yoga leggings that I’d then want to show off to my friends at brunch. I know I’ve used the word ‘soft’ a few times already, but these really do feel like your slipping your legs into pillowcase of feathers.

The Vee bra top didn’t disappoint in terms of material quality and I love the strap style, for once it’s different to any other sports bra I’ve ever had. Again this isn’t the top for running or a gym workout, but then Vaara isn’t claiming it is. It’s more about the wellness lifestyle, using these pieces in an ‘athleisure’ kind of way – forgive my use of that word, I really can’t stand it! I’ve worn the bra for yoga and pilates and it was perfect for both. The only thing I would say is that if you are on the bustier side (I’m sadly not!) then you might find you need extra support underneath this top, even though it does come with a little padding.

Despite me feeling that these particular pieces aren’t necessarily perfect for my high intensity workouts, that’s not to say they won’t be right for you. I’ve also seen my fellow bloggers bounding around the gym in a few of the other Vaara styles, so be sure to check out the full collection to see what’s best for you.

vaara review

In summary to my Vaara review, it may have a luxury price tag, but these pieces are definitely worth it… especially for me who is yet to take this bomber jacket off!

You can shop my look below and see the full Vaara Active collection here.


Hopper Bomber Jacket | Alexis Leggings | Vee Sports Bra


Love, Cat x