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How I Track My Workouts & A Free Fitness Plan

This is probably one of the things I get asked about most, both by readers and as part of interview questions… How do I fit it all in? How do I plan my fitness? How do I track my fitness?

The good news is that it’s really VERY simple, thanks to a very basic excel print-out I made for myself and am now sharing with you too. Think of it as the most basic free fitness plan you’ve ever seen! 😉 You’ll find said print-out at the bottom of this email, you just need to download it, print it and fill it in.

DOWNLOAD HERE: Imperfect Matter Fitness Tracker

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How you use it and where you keep it might be different to me, but this is the method I have found to be best for me…

Every Sunday evening I look at my diary for the week and plot on my spreadsheet what workouts I’ll be doing when. I just pencil a tick in the relevant workout and day box and then tick over them in pen each time I complete a workout. Obviously sometimes things might change in terms of the actual workout I do, for example if it’s pouring with rain all day I might decide to go to the gym for a weights session rather run outside. Personally I keep my spreadsheet folded in my diary, as my time is spent between home, Hertfordshire and London, so I like to have it with me. You might chose to pin yours on your fridge or keep it in your desk draw.

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As you’ll see the types of workout are pretty explanatory, but just in case, I’ve explained them all below:

Resistance – This is to be ticked for any circuit or weights training I do for over 15 minutes, including Kayla Itsines workouts, when I go to Barry’s Bootcamp or any other fitness classes.

Run/LISS – Running is obvious, but LISS stands for low intensity steady state cardio, so things like power walking or steady cycling for 35 minutes or more.

HIIT – I tick this for things like hill sprints, or any explosive mini workouts for 15 minutes or less.

Stretch – Sometimes (I should probably do more) I have a dedicated 30 minute session for stretching out and foam rolling.

Yoga – Exactly that.

Other – I usually write in the little box what it is that I’ve done, but for me it could be a gymnastics or dance class. For you it might be an obstacle race or rowing! Who knows 🙂

free fitness plan

I like to have 12 weeks on one planner, so that I can use it as a 3 month guide as such, seeing how my training may have changed over the weeks.

I hope you find this useful! Any questions, just ask. 

Love, Cat x

 DOWNLOAD HERE: Imperfect Matter Fitness Tracker