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Tips for Instagram Photos of Pretty Prints

When you find yourself with a few awesome pairs of adidas leggings, the only thing to do is take yourself to the streets and lofts of London with a photographer to capture said leggings in all their printed glory! That’s exactly what I did last week with photographer Gary Morrisroe, as part of my adidas #WorkIt campaign.

I’m a big fan of a good simple pair of black leggings, BUT I’m like a kid in a candy shop when it comes to prints on my pins. I know that many of my readers are bloggers and instagrammers themselves, so here are my top tips for Instagram photos, specifically for getting the perfect photo of leggings that have a lot going on.


Personally I think that the cleaner the background, the better for printed leggings, as they’ll stand out more. That being said, when we took to the Southbank to show them off, even a London backdrop worked well. I think the reason for this was that it was a stormy grey day (with A LOT of rain!), so the sky almost blended into the stoney walkway, giving us depth, but keeping similar tones.




I throw myself around in all sorts of shapes for photos and so can you. Even if you can’t headstand, handstand or do some of the bendy moves, use a plain brick wall (a white one works well) and place your legs against it creating cool shapes. Yes, anyone looking at you might think you’re a little odd, but trust me, I’ve been there, in the corner of my gym, lying on my back with my legs against the wall, looking like a bizarre creature who can’t work out how to stand up!





I’d like to say I have the time and patience to do this all the time, but sadly not, as I do like my Instagram page to still be organic and spur-of-the-moment. That being said though, sometimes if I know I’ve got a few pairs of crazy leggings to feature, I’ll think of the page as a whole and how the images will complement each other when all lined up. I make sure that I don’t have just two lines of legs in weird & wonderful positions, so I’ll separate them with other images and will take photos of the leggings from different angles, in different poses.





I don’t particularly like Photoshop and its place in the media and sadly even on Instagram, with beautiful girls sadly feeling the need to photoshop their bodies before uploading a photo, but I do love to get creative with it in a different way. When I say ‘I’, I mean I come up with an idea and then ask a very talented person like Gary to use his photoshopping skills to put images together like the one at the top of this post. Yes, these shots are by a professional photographer, but anyone with a camera can take the photos, you just might need a friend who’s a whiz at editing to help you out after.




Main Image (Top to Bottom)

Purple & pink leggings

Orange leggings

Black & white leggings

Grey & mustard leggings

Long-sleeved yoga crop top

Other Clothing

Orange sports bra

Black & white jacket

Black ultra boost trainers

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Let’s #workit together! x¬†

All photos by Gary Morrisroe.