Cat Meffan

The REAL Benefits of Green Tea For ME

Depending on what article you read you’ll get mixed messages about the big benefits of green tea. There’s no denying that it’s a favourite amongst the wellbeing bunch and I’m very much one of those lovers. I’ve been drinking green tea for about 10 years and I love it, but I didn’t decide to start drinking it because of stories of weight loss, cancer prevention or high cholesterol prevention, I just really like the taste and find it very calming.

As much as those big benefits I just listed above all sound pretty amazing, if you read the research in depth, it’s pretty safe to say that the evidence is inconclusive. Instead of just rehashing these scientific benefits you can all find online, I wanted to share the real benefits of green tea that I have personally found…

real benefits of green tea



I absolutely love the work I do, but as someone who always wants to do more and find more time in the day, I do get a little stressed out when the things on my to-do list haven’t been ticked off for various reasons. Green tea has always been the warm little saviour in a mug that helps calm my mind and body.


I never have teas or shakes of any kind for meal replacement, but there are times when I know a big meal is on the way and I don’t want to ruin my hunger by eating something else. In these times I’ll always head to my tea cupboard and opt for a mug of green tea to fill me up, so I can enjoy my next big meal properly.

real benefits of green tea


I’ve always been extremely fortunate to have good skin in terms of acne, but one thing I’ve struggled with on & off over the years is how dry my skin gets in the winter. Personally I’ve found that since drinking green tea more, these bouts of dryness are few and far between.


Whenever I feel a little down – we all have days like that – nothing beats a mug of green tea to pick me up. Despite loving the smell of coffee, I’ve never liked the taste much and on the odd occasion I’ve drunk it in the hope of a ‘pick me up’, I haven’t enjoyed the feeling at all. Maybe it’s because I’m not used to the caffeine, but my heart starts pounding, which then just makes me feel worse. For me, green tea has a much more natural feeling of warming my insides and bringing a smile to my face.


After trying numerous brands of green tea I have to say that one of my absolute favourites is Clipper Teas. This love of Clipper is not only because they were the first fairtrade green tea to come to the market in the UK, but mainly because of the light and natural taste, which you don’t get with many teas. And if that isn’t enough to love it, then the unbleached tea bags will hopefully be the cherry on top for you.

Being a Clipper fan for so long, I was beyond excited to spend the day with them recently to find out more about the company and their new selection of green tea flavours. On top of that, I had the surprise of hanging out with one of my fitness favourites, Carly Rowena, who you should all follow if you don’t already.

Check out the Clipper Teas Green Selection here.

Check out the Clipper Green Teas Campaign Video.

Love, Cat x