Cat Meffan

The Early Morning Smoothie

So rumour has it that this is the drink of supermodels and I’ve heard that Doutzen Kroes drinks hers shaken up with a bit of water. Well, I’d like to tell you now that I can’t believe it’s possible to drink supergreens, wheatgrass and chia seeds with just water – it has to be the worst thing I have ever put in my mouth!

Here’s a way to make it taste better. I have this smoothie every morning at 7am, just before I leave for work and then have breakfast at around 9am at work.

Goodness in a glass

Goodness in a glass


SuperGreens Powder  – 1 rounded tablespoon (I use Raw Reserve from Whole Foods Market)

Wheatgrass Powder – 1 rounded tablespoon (I use Naturya from Whole Foods Market)

Chia Seeds – 1 rounded tablespoon (I use The Chia Co from Whole Foods Market)

Cacao nibs – 1 teaspoon (I use Of The Earth, again from Whole Foods Market)

Banana – 1 large

Blueberries – One handful

Water – I use around 1/4 of a pint, but this is dependent on how thick you like your smoothie

Sometimes I’ll throw in a couple of strawberries or raspberries if there are some in the fridge.


Whack it all in a smoothie maker/blender and hit start!