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This blog post contains an advertorial for Tesco. All opinions are my own. 

Whether you eat a fully vegan diet or you just dabble in plant-based dishes without even realising it, the new Tesco Wicked Kitchen range is one worth getting your teeth stuck into.

Not only is it super cool that one of the biggest supermarket chains in the UK is taking plant-based food seriously, it helps that it actually tastes great and isn’t just focused around mushrooms! Plant-based life can be hard when you have a bizarre phobia of mushrooms – the amount of times I’ve said “Oh, so your only vegan option is the mushroom risotto… riiiiiight” –  so it’s great that this new range has so much more to offer.

Derek Sarno is the brains and creative genius behind this move into the plant-based world for Tesco and personally I’m so happy that he made it happen. The one thing I struggled with at the start of changing to a plant-based diet was having quick options for lunch or something that I could heat up after a long day of meetings in London. The Tesco Wicked Kitchen range is definitely helping with that. While I wouldn’t opt for a ready meal every night, always wanting homemade whole foods, it’s also key to have healthy alternatives that I can reach for in times of need. As always, it’s all about balance.

So far I’ve had the Muay Thai Curry, the Carrot Pastrami Spiced Wrap, the Gunpowder Chana Masala and the Caponata pizza from the Tesco Wicked Kitchen range, all of which were delicious. Oh yes, I don’t just try one thing and assume it’s all good, I feel it’s my duty to you all to eat as much of the range as possible and report back! 😉 Next on my list to try is the Curried Cauliflower and Coconut Rice. Sounds YUM!

I really do believe that with the help of Derek Sarno’s Tesco Wicked Kitchen range, we can spread the work on how plant-based meals can be readily available and extremely delicious. Meals like this aren’t just for the vegans out there, they are for everyone. Sure, we’re in the midst of ‘Veganuary’, which is an amazing challenge and raises great awareness, but remember that a plant-based diet is something that can continue long past January and a meal like one of these can be a nice break in a week full of meat for those meat-eaters out there.

Have you tried anything from the Tesco Wicked Kitchen range yet?

What your favourite dish?

Love, Cat x



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