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Travelling to Australia was a total dream come true for Rob and I, as it was somewhere we’d wanted to visit for so long. As part of a three-week long trip, we spent six nights in Sydney – three at the start and three at the end.





We stayed at The Establishment Hotel in CBD, which was the perfect location for our first time in Sydney. Being so central meant that we were able to get everywhere we needed to go and the breakfast at The Establishment was amazing. Avocado and kale on sourdough is a welcome breakfast in my life any day.

The only downside was the location of our room being right on top of the bar. If you love a night out then The Establishment bar is one of the most happening places in town, and if you’re partying with them then it won’t matter about the location. If you’re anything like me (a granny who likes early nights!) then I’d ask for a room as far away from that part of the hotel as possible. The staff were very lovely and apologetic about the situation though, so our stay was still great.

We booked through, who also have a few other Sydney hotels. The way they break down hotels on the website is great, as you can instantly see the location and get an idea of how expensive the accommodation is. I hugely recommend using to book your hotels around the world.


I wasn’t actually vegan on my first few days in Sydney, but being in Australia was where my vegan journey really began, so by our final few days there I had the chance to find some yummy places to eat.


I met a friend for breakfast at The Walrus on the last day and though not a vegan or vegetarian cafe, as with lots of restaurants in Sydney, it catered for me well. Different nut milks for tea and coffee and a super yummy vegan breakfast of avocado, tomatoes (mushrooms if you like that kind of thing!) and spinach.


This little cafe is only open from 11am to 3pm, Monday-Friday, but it’s worth going to. Vegan Om is tucked away in the Surry Hills area of Sydney and the lunch they serve is priced by weight. Anyone that has had a Wholefoods buffet lunch before will be used to the price shock when you take your box to the till! Vegan Om is similar, not the cheapest lunch option, but delicious all the same. Make sure you take a piece of vegan banana bread home with you too!


We went to Macchiato for a quick pizza before the theatre and the service was speedy and smily – just what we needed. Though no vegan options on the menu, I had a pizza without any cheese, but lots of veggies and loved it. As we were travelling with friends who are not vegan, I was more than happy to go there.


The location of Pier 8 Cafe is great, and as the name would suggest, it’s on the pier. Sadly both times we ate there, the service was slow, but as we weren’t in a rush we were fine with it. We also rubbed shoulders with the lovely Gary Barlow who was eating at the table next to us, so you know it has his seal of approval too!


Who loves vegan pizza? I LOVE VEGAN PIZZA! Australia was the start of my plant based lifestyle change, and it was  made so much easier by restaurants like Gigi’s Pizzeria. It’s not in central Sydney, so you might want to hop in an Uber to get there, but it’s worth the drive.


Mr Wong is another one that isn’t vegan specific, but it’s great if you’re with friends who eat everything and you’re after some delicious fresh veggies. Even though there wasn’t a huge amount on the menu that I could have, I didn’t feel that I lost out in any way, as the dishes I chose we’re great. The atmosphere in Mr Wong is also something to go there for. It has a weird way of being really buzzy and full of people, but not too loud and over-bearing. We loved it! Mr Wong is also part of the same group as The Establishment and is right next door, so you know you’re in good hands!



Body Mind Life has an extensive timetable of hot yoga, restorative yoga, flow yoga pilates and meditation classes, with more than one studio in and around the city.

BE ONE YOGABe One Yoga is another hot yoga studio, claiming to the the best in the city. I didn’t get a chance to take a class there, but I’ve heard good things.

F45F45 was a very sweaty start to our day, but so worth it. Every F45 class I’ve been too always has a great vibe and friendly people. Personally I wouldn’t recommend going there as a beginner, as you’ll need to have some basic knowledge of how to lift weights.

COASTAL WALK – The best way to keep fit in my eyes! Sydney is the best city to be in if you love hiking/walking. The coastal path is so beautiful and you can really work up a sweat if you get marching! We walked from Coogee to Bondi, so had the reward of sun, sea and sand once we got there.

ICEBERGS POOL – The famous outdoor swimming pool looking over Bondi Beach is a great place to get in a few lengths!

Where are you favourite places in Sydney? Are you planning a trip there anytime soon?

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