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This blog post started as a multi-brand winter fitness fashion picks and very quickly turned into an appreciation blog post for one of my favourite brands and the seamless base layers that they’ve launched this year. Here’s looking at you Sweaty Betty and your amazing Sweaty Betty seamless leggings and tops! *insert heart eyes emoji*

For many the start of Christmas is signalled by a Christmas song on the radio, the John Lewis Christmas advert, maybe advent calendars in the supermarket or the switching on of Christmas lights. Those things are fun and all, but the real sign that Christmas is approaching for me is when the Sweaty Betty seamless leggings and top base layers launch. This is when my wardrobe starts to feel cosy and I start to get excited for my annual family hiking holiday in Wales for New Year. Technically they are sold as ski base layers, but I just taught a yoga class in it (it was cold!) and I also wear them to go walking and just mooching around town in the winter.

Last year was my favourite print to date and I wasn’t sure Sweaty Betty would top it this year. How silly of me. This year Sweaty Betty has upped the game, not with just one awesome set, but FOUR. Yes, that’s FOUR cosy seamless base layer outfits that I can strut around in. Can you tell I’m getting excited?! As you can see, I’ve already got my paws on one set. Next on my list is the tiger print – I feel a Christmas Day outfit in the making.

These sets would also make an amazing gift for someone special. Just saying to any husbands/boyfriends reading!

sweaty betty seamless leggings


Tiger Print Top

Tiger Print Leggings

Blue & Purple Top

Blue & Purple Leggings

Oxblood Print Top

Oxblood Print Leggings

Japanese Print Top

Japanese Print Leggings


Enjoy being cosy this winter! 

Love Cat x