Cat Meffan

Style gets a workout.

When the lovely Noa from Vie Activewear got in touch I jumped at the chance to review the new collection.

I’d only heard of the Australian activewear brand because as I follow fitness inspiration Sheridyn Fisher, who is the face of the Vie Active campaign. Style is important for the brand, as the co-founders felt there was a gap in the market for something that is stylish, sophisticated and functional. Noa and co-founder Bryan wanted to develop a range of fashionable and high quality sportswear that can handle the demand of an intense workout while still looking great as everyday wear.

The first Vie Active collection was a huge success, not only owed to the quality, but let’s face it, we all love a bit of leopard print! Now is a time where gym-goers and athletes don’t want to be swamped in their bed t-shirt and a pair of cotton leggings, we’ve realised that the better we look in the gym, the better we feel and the harder we work.


The next stage of the leopard print collection is the new Black Leopard, a chic and stealth take on the brand’s signature print. I like to think I’m pretty stealth-like, so I picked the Lauren Leggings and Lori cropped top… even though I took a James Bond style fall and roll on the run back from my workout this morning. I’m now looking extremely classy with a nice graze on my knee like a clumsy 12 year old!


Vie Active Black Leopard leggings ($150 AUS) and sports bra ($89 AUS) worn with NBZ Choice vest and Nike Free 5.0 trainers

Anyway, prior to my action hero fall, I took my new Vie Active kit to the park for a test drive and a pre-workout photoshoot. My ever-wonderful boyfriend was the genius behind the camera by the way!

It’s obvious that the style of the collection is amazing. I love the whole leopard print range, but also the Brazilian Butterfly collection, as it’s colourful without being too garish. For those of you who might not be ready for the bright patterns just yet, I’d definitely recommend the Black Leopard or maybe the plain turquoise range. Whatever you go for, I can assure you it’ll brighten up your workout this Winter, (for those of us not lucky enough to be heading into the Summer season)!

Sheridyn Fisher wearing the Black Leopard collection

Sheridyn Fisher wearing the Black Leopard collection

Sheridyn Fisher wearing the Brazilian Butterfly collection

Sheridyn Fisher wearing the Brazilian Butterfly collection


The Black Leopard Lauren leggings are made from Vie Active’s breathable, moisture-wicking F3 Compression technology which kept me cool, dry, and comfortable. The material is thick too, so for those of us that aren’t as toned as a Victoria’s Secret model, we can feel safely ‘compressed’ throughout our workouts! The fast drying fabric also meant that I didn’t need to walk to the shops post-workout with massive sweat patches on my kit. Oh and just to add in another plus, the Vie Active collection is machine washable and tumble dryable without shrinkage.



I’m a huge fan of the Bondi based brand and will most definitely be going back for more pieces to add to my wardrobe. I only had two very small disappointments about the leggings. Firstly they fell down, but only slightly. I think this is more to do with sizing though. The other thing is that I’d like the hidden pocket, which is great, to have a tiny zip across the top of it. I do a lot of plyometrics training and if I’m in the park I’d probably be a little worried about my door keys flying off into a puddle! Other than that, I haven’t a bad word to say.


Oh and not forgetting my new water bottle courtesy of Vie Active, available here.

Then it was time to play…








To shop the awesome Vie Active collection visit www.vieactivewear.com

Enjoy! x