Cat Meffan

Excitement, Stress & My Diet: A Little Life Update

Hey all,

Apologies for a lack of posts last week, all has been pretty manic, so I just wanted to share an update on life!


I’ve been working my butt off on my new jewellery collection over the past few months – yes, for those of you who don’t know, when I’m not upside-down in yoga postures or sweating in the gym, my other passion is to design jewellery. So that’s what has been taking up a lot of my time and now I’m super excited and proud to say that the new Outlines collection is now live on my jewellery website. If you love a bit of jewellery then please do check out the new Outlines collection on Cat Meffan Fine Jewellery…. and even if you’re not, I’d love for you to check it out anyway! 😉


As most of you know, I’m currently doing my yoga teacher training course with Yoga London and I’m loving it! I’ve met some amazing people on the course and it’s an incredible feeling to be in room of people with the same passion, all working towards the same goal. So yes, I’m loving it, but that doesn’t mean to say that it’s easy. With the studying on top of everything else at the moment, my brain is feeling slightly frazzled and I’m probably looking the most exhausted I’ve ever looked. I’m absolutely not complaining though, as I can’t wait to be a qualified yoga instructor and share all of the things that I’ve learned with you. If you want to know more about what it takes to do your yoga teacher training course, have a read of my experience here.


Stress comes in many forms and normally I’m quite good at just going outside, getting some air and letting it flow out of me. The other form for me is that I get cluster headaches. For those who haven’t a clue what they are, they’re basically headaches that happen without warning in one side of the head, and hurt like hell for short periods of time. In theory, they supposedly become less frequent over time, but I’ve been getting them for about 11 years and they are still as painful as ever. Anyway, because of the many things running around my mind they’ve been making a rather frequent appearance in my life, which is getting me down. BUT on the flip side of this, I think one of the main reasons is because Rob and I are buying a house at the moment, which hasn’t gone to plan quite a few times, so I’m hoping that when we complete (fingers crossed for this week!!) and the big work jobs are finished on the house, my head will be a lot calmer. I can’t wait to have a place called home with Rob.


I’ve never been someone who preached about having the perfect diet. I’m all about balance and being happy & healthy. For a couple of years now I’ve taken the 80/20 idea – so I eat extremely healthy and delicious food 80% of the time, but I do let myself have treats when I want, making up about 20%. Of late I’ve found it even harder to stick to that. My main meals are still nutritious and healthy as that’s what I genuinely enjoy eating, but I’ve been reaching to the cookie jar a little too often. This isn’t something I’m beating myself up over, it’s just something that I’m aware of and I’ve noticed a change in my skin and energy levels. I’m now making a conscious effort to get back to the way of living I enjoy most. 🙂


This is such a HUGE part of my life. Not just because I’m a fitness blogger, but because it makes me feel blimmin’ great and I love doing so many styles of fitness. The latter statement is why my fitness schedule has been looking a little crazy lately and I’ve now had to relax it a bit. With doing my course I have to adopt a six-day a week practice, which even though I love it, I’m also trying to find time to sweat it out at the gym and go running twice a week. I also have the jewellery, blog and freelance work to contend with. Up until last week I felt like I was on top of it all, but then I looked in the mirror and realised how exhausted I look. Sometimes you just need to take a moment to think about what you’re doing and put it all in perspective. The yoga course is most important to me in terms of ‘working out’ a the moment, so that’s what I’m going to throw my energy into. If I find time for a run or workout, then that’s a bonus, but not something to stress about if it doesn’t happen.


Hopefully I haven’t bored you all too much, I just felt the need to get a little honest. I actually feel good for writing it all down. Onwards and upwards!

Love, Cat x