Cat Meffan

I Saw Something Cool Today

Whilst browsing Twitter, as I do most days at around 4pm, I came across a tweet from model Chloe Lloyd with a link to a video she’s featured in, which had been posted on Vogue Italia. My first thought was ‘wow, Chloe’s doing really well for herself, I’m impressed’, but then I watched the video and just went with ‘WOW’. I love how glamourously dark and sexy it is, but also weird and a bit wacky. Beautiful Clothes is Duran Duran keyboardist Nick Rhodes’ directorial debut for TV Mania, in which he has cast Chloe as a¬†daughter who has an obsession with fashion and how it spins out of control under the public gaze.

I met Chloe when she was about 16 at one of my questionable choices of an ex-boyfriend’s BBQs. Think skinnier jeans and more hairspray than any girl you know… yep, that’s it. Aaaaaanyway, I didn’t know much about Chloe then and still don’t now, but from following her on Twitter and Instagram it’s clear she’s taking the modelling world by storm and is one to watch. She’s very easy on the eye, so watching isn’t a hard job!

Check out the video here and enjoy: