Cat Meffan

Live For What You Love With Snog Frozen Yogurt

When Snog Frozen Yogurt got in touch with me earlier this year about their #SnogYourHeartOut campaign, I jumped at the chance of collaborating with them. Not just because those pots of frozen yogurt are so darn good, but because of the messaging behind this campaign.

#SnogYourHeartOut is all about doing things your own way and not being afraid to break the rules in pursuit of your passion. It’s a celebration of creativity and uniqueness and your personal attitude to life.

Not everyone loves what they do, especially when it comes to work and I know that making a big change can be a risk and be very daunting. I used to work in an office, 8am-6pm everyday, and even though the people were great, it just wasn’t for me. Since I took the plunge to head out on my own and focus on my jewellery collection and Imperfect Matter, I wake up every day excited about life. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not easy, but if it wasn’t a challenge then it wouldn’t be worth doing. I’m not saying we all have to quit our jobs right now and start a business or something, but even spending a few hours a week doing the one thing that really makes you happy will change your life more than you can imagine.

You owe it to yourself to celebrate the person you are, in all your glory. So have fun, break rules and enjoy life to the full, doing the things you love with the people you love!

Check out the full video here…



It’s amazing to be featured amongst such an inspiring and creative group of people. Here’s looking at you AJ Odudu, Daisy Lowe, Dominique Holmes, Julie Lee, Zics Design, Fun With Fruit, One Nail To Rule Them All, Karen Doolittle, Laura Jenkinson, Sew Your Soul, The Majorettes, The Good Quote, Ross Symons, Sarah Richards & Will Best.

Thank you to Snog for having me! 🙂

Never forget to live for what you love. x

*This post is in collaboration with Snog Frozen Yogurt to promote the Snog frozen yogurt pots to enjoy at home. Available in most leading UK supermarkets in three flavours: Strawberry & Raspberry, Passion Fruit and Original.