Cat Meffan

How Much Should We Indulge At Christmas Time?

We’re officially into the Christmas season, so I’ll now be able to accept and enjoy Christmas songs on the radio! For us health and fitness lovers I think that throughout this season there’s always an underlying question of “How much should I indulge at Christmas and throughout this month?” And yes, to some that may be ‘sad’, but we love our bodies and want to do what makes both our body, but more importantly our mind happy.

I can’t and I won’t tell you what to do with your Christmas season, how to enjoy food, how much to indulge, how much to let your fitness slip,  but I can speak of my past few Christmas’ and what I’m doing slightly differently this year.

Last year Rob and I decided to go all out in December, just to totally let losoe with a box of Celebrations constantly in the kitchen, eating what we wanted, when we wanted. As great as this might sound, thinking back I didn’t enjoy it, as when it came around to Christmas day I felt like I’d eaten SO much in the lead up to Christmas I wasn’t as excited about a day full of yummy food and lots of chocolate. I think there’s a fine line between being indulgent and going a little too far – at least there is for me. Since changing my lifestyle years ago it’s rare for me to feel guilty about eating certain foods, even the sugary, sweet treats, because I know I have a balanced diet, BUT when you turn a whole month into letting anything go, then mindset might start to change slightly and that’s what I want to avoid this year.

After eating anything and everything in Thailand and trying to get my nourishing, balanced diet back on track, I’ve decided to keep that rolling throughout December. That doesn’t mean I’ll only be eating lettuce leaves until Christmas day, hell no, I’ll just be sensible. Rather than be at home eating treats most evenings, I’ll be saving the treats for special occasions, of which there are many this month.

Fitness wise, I’ll be continuing to train and do yoga as I usually do, because I love it… even though these dark mornings and cold days are making my motivation to run very low! On Christmas Day last year, Rob and I went for a 5k run and it was amazing – such a bright, crisp morning. We didn’t go running because we felt like we had to, we went because we wanted to. And I actually enjoyed my day even more because of it. Getting outside, breathing in the countryside air and getting the endorphins flowing was the best way to start a day with family and food!

Ultimately we’re all different. Some people will read this blog and think it’s ridiculous “why not just have what you want?” etc etc, others will see where I’m coming from. The point is that only you know how you feel, so enjoy yourself, but be sensible. Enjoyment WITHOUT guilt is the best feeling, so go ahead, indulge at Christmas and feel good about, knowing it’s the right amount for you.

Love, Cat x