Cat Meffan

Running Girl.

I’m a runner. Yep, an actual real life runner…

Well, I’m trying to be. At least until March 1st anyway.

Those that know me, know that I don’t run. Yes, I workout a lot, yes, I love to exercise and yes, I do cardio training, BUT no, running is not my forte. To be honest, other than the hurdles at my school sports day about 13 years ago, I’ve never been one for it and then when the knee injury and operation happened, the thought of ever being able to jog further than 50 metres for a bus scared the life out of me.

However, despite this, after seeing my very fit friend Chloe run the marathon this year, I’ve had this small urge to get out there and give it a go.

Rob and I go to the very beautiful city (more like a small town with a cathedral) of St Davids in Wales a couple of times a year, so where better than there to run my first race. All sounding very positive, yes? NO. Said race, said half marathon that will be taking place on March 1st 2014 is in fact a trail run. The kind of run that sees you hopping over rocks here, there and everywhere and attempting incline after incline. Ok, so maybe I’m making that sound a lot worse than it is. In actual fact after my longest run ever (4.21 miles) this weekend I’m finally starting to realise that I can do this with a bit of hard work.

Looking pretty chuffed with myself!

Looking like a maniac after my 4.21 miles!


Now to some, 4.21 miles is a pretty measly length, but seeing as I couldn’t even run a mile one month ago, I’m feeling pretty chuffed right about now. Without sounding all cheesy and lame, I massively owe it to Rob, who put up with all my out-of-breath strops and negative attitude, whilst attempting to run up a hill (aka minor incline) in Wales.

I finally believe that I can do this. Along with all my other training and eating well, no matter how long it takes, my dodgy knees and I will make it around that course.



What do I wear to run?

I recently found out about the amazing Canadian brand lululemon Athletica, who were originally designing yoga wear, but have since branched out and are making some brilliant running wear. Here’s what I’m wearing in the photos above.

It couldn’t be a worse time to start running… when I wake up in the morning it’s dark and freezing and when I get home from work it’s exactly the same. This meant my first few runs were completed wearing a standard cotton long sleeved top, which I soon realised wasn’t keeping me warm and was just soaking up the sweat.

During my lovely morning spent at lululemon, doing acro-yoga and drinking peppermint tea with the team, I picked up the Swiftly Tech Long Sleeved Top (£62), which is my new love! Sorry Rob. It boldly claims to have anti-stick technology known as Silverescent, which I was a little dubious of, but it actually works. Now, I didn’t really want to admit wearing the top on four consecutive runs without washing it, but that’s exactly what happened and it’s sitting next to me as I type this, not a whiff of sweaty Cat in sight/smell!

The length of the top is perfect too, as I hate tops that ride up, especially in the cold. The sleeves have thumb holes, so no chance of those guys riding up either. In summary, I can’t recommend the Swiftly Tech Long Sleeved Top enough.

Screen shot 2013-11-25 at 21.26.48

Obviously I didn’t just strut out of the house in only a top. I teamed it with a pair of Wunder Under Pant leggings (£72) and a Free To Be Bra (£38). The leggings aren’t actually designed for running, but I have such an issue with leggings falling down, that I can’t get enough of these lululemon ones. They’re breathable, but keep my legs warm and they have the all important pocket for my door keys.

I’m not going to become a running blogger as such, but I’ll let you know how my training is going every now and again. Rob and I have signed up to a 10k in January, so paws crossed I’ll keep improving my distance and time.

I’d love to hear of any training advice or running tips that you might have for me. Happy running! x