Cat Meffan

“One Last Push!”

No, I’m not having a baby! I’m talking about that moment in your run when you really feel like you can’t go any further, but then you somehow dig a little deeper and manage to keep going in that running challenge.

A couple of years ago when I was training for the Ras Dewi Sant trail half marathon, Rob and I went for a 5-mile run on a route which had a horrendous incline near the end. Having never walked or run the route before, I didn’t realise quite how tough the incline would be. When we were about halfway up and it was clear I was struggling, I was overtaken by a man who called out “One last push!”

He was obviously trying to encourage me to keep going, and I’d like to say that I found his words motivating, but actually I was just embarrassed that I was struggling and found him really annoying! I let it get to me, and stopped after a few more paces.

I really disliked running back then, and basically decided that I wouldn’t run that route ever again, because it was so tough and I didn’t want to encounter the “one-last-push” man again! The ‘new me’ realises that was just a silly mentality to have, but one that’s so normal for so many of us.

I’ve been running lots more lately, and actually starting to enjoy it. The other morning I went out to do my normal 5k loop, but was feeling pretty good during the run and suddenly thought, ‘I’m going to show Mr One Last Push that I can beat that hill!’ I changed course and headed for that infamous hill.

I’d love to say that I made it to the top, showed the hill who’s boss and proved to myself and Mr One Last Push that I am a running hero, but I didn’t. I did, however, make it further than the first time, and kept pushing myself to the very last step I could manage. So, even though I still haven’t beaten that damn hill, I feel a little bit proud.

I’m going to keep trying, and I hope one day I’ll finally be able to make it the whole way up that hill.

I’ve learned to love running over the past couple of years. It used to be my least favourite exercise by a long way, but now I actually enjoy getting out with the fresh air on my face for a bit of ‘me time’.

I’ll be back on that hill next week, pushing for the top, giving it everything I’ve got.

I’d love to hear about your running stories. Do you love running, or hate it? Is there a certain distance or hill you’d love to beat?!

Love, Cat x