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Healthy Brownies: Delicious Raw Chocolate Recipe

Last month I went along to an event with AO Life and Naturally Sassy, where we made these delicious Cheeseless ‘Cheezy’ Tomato Quesadillas, which I have to admit I demolished about three of! Whilst demonstrating how to make the ‘cheese’ sauce, Sassy used The Boss super blender from Sage Appliances and at that moment I decided it was time to turn my back on my £25 Russell Hobbs blender (which has been a wonderful kitchen companion) and get The Boss in my life.

The lovely team over at Sage Appliances very kindly sent me one, so to test out The Boss (we’ve names him Bruce!), I decided to try my hand at some raw chocolate healthy brownies and I have to say they were amazing. Even my dad, who normally thinks the things I make are “bland and too healthy” loved them! I’ve promised that as soon as I’m back from Norway I’ll make another batch for the family.

Check out this little video of how to make my raw healthy brownies…


I was never able to put nuts in my old blender, as they’d just get stuck, so having The Boss in my kitchen is a dream.  It was so easy to use and came with a book full of yummy recipes to try; some of them may be a little too sugary for me though! I’m sure there will be many more recipes to come using it.

Enjoy eating! x


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