Cat Meffan

Protein Pancakes, All Day Everyday!

In the past I’ve made pancakes without eggs and even though they taste great (perfect for vegans), for me, this recipe is just that bit tastier and has the bonus that eggs give you a little boost of protein. The thing I love about breakfast food is that it’s not really exclusive to breakfast. I for one still get a bit weirded out at the thought of having dinner food for breakfast, but eggs, protein pancakes, granola, all of those sorts of things are very welcome in my day at any time. Rob and I often have pancakes as a post-workout meal or even as a little dinner pudding.

As part of my partnership with British Lion Eggs I want to give you my favourite egg recipes to try. If you haven’t already, then definitely check out my healthy egg ‘mayo’ sandwich, sweet potato egg cups (SO YUMMY!), and my spicy kale baked eggs.

But let’s get down to protein pancakes business for now…

protein pancakes recipe

PROTEIN PANCAKES INGREDIENTS (Serves 2-4, makes around 8 pancakes)

100g Oats

2 x Eggs

1 x Large Banana

Splash Almond milk

Coconut oil (to cook in)

Greek Yoghurt, Nut Butter, Nuts, Seeds, Berries & Maple Syrup for topping


Blend the oats, eggs, banana and almond milk all together. Feel free to ignore my suggestions of how much of each ingredient to use, as I know I change it slightly each time I make these protein pancakes, looking for the right consistency rather than the exact amounts. You want your pancake batter to be like a paste, but not too thick, so add almond milk if needed. You want to be able to pour the mixture into the pan without it getting stuck in the blender, but also not wanting it to be runny and go everywhere. Lots to think about I know!

If you want to add even more protein to your protein pancakes, then add a scoop of vanilla protein powder, but remember this will thicken it up, so be ready with another splash of almond milk.

Heat up the coconut oil in the frying pan and then pour small round dollops of the mixture in. They will spread out, so just wait to see how much space the pancake is going to take up before pouring the next one in.

Leave to cook for around 3 minutes and then flip each one over to cook the other side.

When nice and golden on the outside and you think your protein pancakes have cooked through, take them out of the pan and serve with your toppings. I’ve mentioned some of my favourites above, but go wild, add as many things as you want!

Enjoy! Love, Cat x

All British Lion Egg producers (90% of the UK egg industry) have to follow a strict Code of Practice which ensures the highest standards of food safety and animal welfare. I always use organic eggs.