Cat Meffan

Project Willpower Update… It’s not great news!

Let’s cut to the chase, it’s been 12 days since Project Willpower started and it hasn’t quite gone according to plan. There have been numerous things getting in the way, so I’m going to take a moment to write down what has and hasn’t worked and then I’ll figure out some solutions for the not-so-great things. I still want to continue on this quest to test my mind and willpower, so hopefully this week will be better. If you haven’t a clue what I’m taking about, read my blog post about this willpower challenge and watch the video I made to explain what I’m doing and why.


The Situation/Problem:

This is the thing I struggle with least. I seem to have bags of motivation, even when poorly last week I knew I needed to take it easy, but I still made sure I was doing yoga, getting outside in the fresh air and I managed a couple of weights sessions. Sadly no running though, as colds/coughs and running don’t go very well together. I think having this time off from my weekly runs has made me a little lazy with cardio, but I’m hoping to get myself back into it this week alongside my yoga sessions and gym workouts.

The Solution:

I think we’ll class this category as a success, so I don’t think a solution is needed. I’ll just keep my motivation up, making time for lots of different activities.


The Situation/Problem:

Ahhhhh. Where to start!? It just hasn’t gone well at all and I’ve actually been more naughty than ever. Although maybe I might be beating myself up a bit too much. I had date-day with Rob last Sunday, so we treated ourselves to goodies and then we’ve just come back from a visit to his family this weekend, so it was full of meals out, puddings and ice creams on the beach. The days in between that were actually fine, although I did make ‘healthy’ carrot cake muffins, which even though healthier than normal ones, they still use a lot of coconut sugar, so one every day for four days wasn’t technically on the agenda. Ooops!

I think part of the problem is that Project Willpower is just a bit too open, which makes it very easy to talk yourself into having the naughty treats.

The Solution:

Today I’ve made a plan of my diet for the week. When I use the word ‘diet’, I don’t mean I’m following a crazy plan or cutting anything down heavily, I just want to try having it written down and see if I can just stick to what’s on paper, rather than straying. I’m totally cutting refined sugar, apart from Sunday when I’ve got a day out planned with my Mum, so I might treat us to a bit of cake.


The Situation/Problem:

As always I do tend to burn the candle at both ends and I think I probably should have taken it a little easier last week with being ill. I just get so frustrated being poorly, sitting around not moving, so I end up going to yoga or the gym, when maybe I should have just gone for calm walks instead of power walks! On the plus side, being ill did make me go to bed early a couple of nights, which was very much needed.

The Solution:

I want to continue to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night, so will be making a conscious effort to get early nights, as I love getting out of bed early. We’re also going to bring back our no phones after 8pm rule, as not only does the blue light make falling asleep harder, it will also make me read my book more before bed rather than scrolling through snapchat!

Here’s a comparison photo – as you can see, no difference at all as I expected, but I’m going to keep taking progress photos each week, as I think it’s good to keep me in check.


Hopefully this week coming will be much more successful for Project Willpower. Even as I’m writing this, I can feel that it will be. Thanks for reading and letting me babble on about my own little journey!

Love, Cat x