Cat Meffan

What To Pack For A Yoga Retreat

I’m beyond excited to be heading out to Azul Fit yoga retreat in Fuerteventura this Saturday for five days of pure yoga and foodie heaven. The fact that I’m getting to experience it with one of my favourite friends just makes it even better. This will actually be my first ever yoga retreat experience, so I can’t wait to fully immerse myself in what they have to offer.

Of course I’ve been counting down the days and thinking about what I need to pack, so here are the things I’m taking that you may not have thought of.

An Open Mind

Ok so this isn’t technically something you pack in your suitcase, but I wanted to start with it, as I thing it’s so important to remember. Whether or not you’ve been to yoga retreats before, every experience and teacher will be different. Some you’ll gel with, and some may not be your cup of tea, but try to see past that and learn something from every single yogi you meet.


I feel like me telling you to pack yoga leggings is a bit too obvious, but swimwear is the kind of thing you might forget, as you’ll be getting too excited about the many pairs of yoga pants you can fit in your case. Depending on location, many yoga retreats will have spare time written into the schedule, so if you’re lucky enough to be near a swimming pool or a beach then definitely pack your swimmers! I get all of my beachwear from the amazing Beach Cafe, which is an online stockist all of my favourite brands including Seafolly (pictured below), L*Space, Eberjey and the most beautiful brand for beach cover-ups, Anna Kosturova.

yoga retreat europe


I want to be able to write down my thoughts and feelings while I’m away, as well making an notes on things I’ve learned about being a teacher. I’m not teaching the full retreat while I’m away, but will be leading one or two off-schedule classes, which I can’t wait for. I know that when my brain is full of ‘life’, writing it all down helps to put things into perspective.


Of course the blogger would recommend taking a camera! 😉 Not only for lots of lovely yoga poses on the beach, but to also collect memories of the people you meet along the way and the new things you learn. I use either my iPhone or the Olympus Pen E-PL7.

I’ll be doing a full write up of my experience when I return home, but in the mean time you can keep up with what I’m doing over on my Instagram and on Snapchat (search Cat Meffan).

Namaste, Cat x