Cat Meffan

Into the hips

This 7-day course (with lifetime access) will take you on a deep exploration of the hip space. Through different movement modalities, you will build a new level of awareness for both the physical and emotional needs of the hips.

During the course we move and transition through mobility drills, long emotion-provoking asana holds, breath and body connection, and honour the divine feminine energy held in the hips.

You'll finish the course feeling stronger, more observant of the hips, and with a sense of freedom as you surrender and let go throughout the week.

Or purchase all three online courses as bundle, saving £50:

What's Included?

Basic Anatomy of The Hips (10 minutes)
A brief overview of the anatomy of the hip space and the types of movements you can expect from this joint.

Episode 0 - Activation Drills (10 minutes)
This short class includes hip flexor activation drills that you can do daily throughout this course.

Episode 1 (35 minutes)
A focus on hip mobility with the opportunity to observe this part of your and slowly challenge your active range of movement.

Episode 2 - Water Mandala (60 minutes)
A water mandala flow that will ignite the power, fluidity and grace of the hips.

Episode 3 - Yinto The Hips (35 minutes)
A deep yin practice that will open up the hip space and any trapped energy or emotions in the hip space.

Episode 4 - Fluid Strength Flow (30 minutes)
A slow and powerful strength based flow.

Episode 5 - Slow and Stretchy (30 minutes)
Today you get slow and stretchy on the mat taking deep breaths to melt into shapes, finding moments of contemplation and observation as you move.

Episode 6 - Feminine Freedom (30 minutes)
A fluid flow that taps into your feminine energy and freedom, harboured around the hip, pelvic floor and womb space.

Episode 7 (40 minutes)
A playful vinyasa flow drawing your energy to the hips and noticing how they feel following the week.