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Nike vs Adidas… Which One Are You?

Are you adidas or Nike? Where do you stand with Nike vs adidas? I’m not expecting you to answer that, but it’s a question I’ve been asked a couple of times lately, so I thought I’d address it on here. To get straight to the point, I am both and neither. Nike vs adidas isn’t really a ‘thing’ in my mind, they are just two awesome sportswear brands doing their thing.

As a blogger I 100% believe that, as well as motivating you with tips and knowledge, it is my job to share with you all of the things I love, no matter what brand they are from. Whether one week I see a pair of Nike flyknit trainers that I have fallen in love with or a pair of adidas leggings the following week, it really shouldn’t matter that they are “rival brands”. I’m proud to wear both three stripes and ticks on my clothes and hell, I’ll happily wear them together! No one asks me if I’m alo yoga or Dharmabums, so why should it matter that I want to wear both adidas and Nike… and Reebok and Puma for that matter. What I class as important is that everything I wear and share is an item that I really and truly love.

So just to emphasise my love of these two brands, here are my top picks from both Nike and adidas right now.

nike vs adidas


Adidas Blush Pink Cropped Jumper

Adidas Navy Ultraboost Trainers

Nike Pro Bra Indy Cool

Nike Lunarepic Low Flyknit Trainers

Nike Power Legendary Tights

Adidas x Stella McCartney Run Techfit Tights

I hope you can all understand my love for many brands and my passion to want to share the things I love with you all. Before having a career in fitness, I was very much on a fashion path, so it’s totally in my nature to want the snazziest activewear around! 😉

Love, Cat x


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