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My Trolltunga Norway Hiking Essentials

I’m so unbelievably excited about my trip to Trolltunga Norway next week. About a year ago Rob sent me the photo above, just as a “wow, look at this” sort of thing, BUT he now knows that you never send me a photo like that and not end up going there! Ha. It may have been a year since I heard about the Trolltunga hike in Norway, but I’m still as excited as ever about it and can’t quite believe that next week I’ll be trekking hours through rocks and snow to get to this amazing point.

I’ll of course be documenting the whole experience on my camera and will write about it on here when I’m home.

This week I’m prepping and planning everything I need to take, so have listed my hiking essentials below:

1. Vivobarefoot Trail Freak Trainers – £90

Both Rob and I prefer to hike in trainers, rather than boots. This is purely because we both like to have the freedom around our ankles and to be wearing something light. These Vivo Barefoot trail trainers will hopefully be perfect to get us over the rocks and snow… as long as said snow isn’t too deep!

2. Osprey Tempest Backpack – Ellis Brigham – £74.99

The last thing I want whilst hiking is a sore back and shoulders from carrying the wrong type of rucksack. I’ve been doing a bit of research and am going to order myself one of these Tempest rucksacks from Osprey. In Osprey’s own words “it’s designed to cling to your back like a frightened monkey.” – I’d rather the monkey just loved me a lot, rather than being scared! 😉

3. Brita Filter Water Bottle – £14.99

As our hike is going to take all day, we’ve got to make sure we take enough water. My Brita filter bottle is great, as it’s light weight and holds a good capacity of water. If for any reason we run out of water, at least we can fill up from the fresh water pools and I know I’ll have a little filter to rid most of the nasties.

trolltunga norway hiking essentials

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4. Sun Lotion – Avon – £5

Nope, I’m not kidding. It might be chilly up there, but we’re probably going to get rather warm whilst trekking, so will be ripping layers off as we go. The last thing I want the day day after, when my legs are aching, is a sun burned face and arms!

5. Collins Essential Road Map – Waterstones – £9.79

We’re picking up our hire care straight from the airport and have a couple of days to mooch along the roads before we hit Trolltunga. I want to plot a few places out on the map prior to out trip, so that if we find ourselves with some spare time, we can check out an amazing waterfall or two, without spending a fortune on 3G!

If you have any other epic hike recommendations (anywhere in the world!), please do comment below, as Rob and I want to do many more!

Love, Cat x